What happened when i changed my skincare routine.

What happened when i changed my skincare routine.

I’m sure i am not alone when it comes to finding the right products that work well with my skin. I for one have quite oily skin so finding the right skincare products can be quite challenging as i find a lot of them make my skin worse.

And i found that not using anything at all was not going to work either, so i set out to find them, the products to finally make me feel more confident with my skin.

I started reading blog posts on what was working for other people and taking advise from other peoples experiences with skincare products, and after i done some digging i knew where i was taking my first stop.

I must of been living under a rock because i only happened to stumble upon the Garnier micellar cleansing gel wash just on the off chance while walking around Boots, I am already a big fan of the micellar water from Garnier so i thought there would be no harm in giving this a try, and i can honestly say I’m in love with it, it really does do what it says on the tin! removes my make up without having to over rub and doesn’t leave my skin feeling irritated and not even to mention how soft my skin feels after i use it.

Another thing i did actually stumble across was the Garnier moisture bomb tissue mask, i saw it and it was only 99p so i thought for under a pound it couldn’t hurt to give it a try, i have never had any issues with any of Garier’s products before and i do love a good face mask so i was really looking forward to trying it out. And i was not dissapointed the application of the mask is really straight forward, and only has to be left on for 15 minutes and once you take the mask of just massage the excess gel into your face, it really does leave your skin feeling fresh,soft and hydrated.

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I am a big fan of Kiko i have been using there make up products for the past few years now and i cant fault them they have never steered me wrong, so why it took me so long to try any of the skincare products is beyond me.

So i decided to give them a try and as expected i think they are wonderful, The first item i got was the pure clean cream witch is really lovely and cleansing i usual put this on after Ive washed and cleansed my face and it leaves it feeling super soft although in my opinion it doesn’t smell fantastic it could be a little better but i cant fault it on being a good product. Second product i got was the matching product to the first it is the Kiko pure clean essence this is also amazing after Ive taken my make up off and clensed my face this lotion goes on last making my skin feel really fresh and supple.

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On my way to the counter i noticed some other bits on the skincare counter some of there smaller skincare products one of them was the eye rescue total perfection eye contour serum ( Thats a mouthful!) it says its supposed to immediately minimize under eye puffiness and dark circles and although Ive only been using it for a few weeks i defiantly notice a difference i apply it morning and evening and i can defiantly see a difference.

last two being the Kiko lip Scrub and Night balm the lip scrub i only use every 2-3 days just because i find lip scrubs really make my lips dry when i use them too much, but i do think there great to use before wearing a matte lipstick to get all the dry skin off before hand. And as for the night balm i think i will forever own this product i use it religiously every night since i got it and its the first night balm i have used where i wake up the next morning and my lips still feel moist when i rub them together, i have defiantly noticed a massive difference in my lips and how hydrated and soft they look since using these products so thank you Kiko on re hydrating my skin!


Last but not least is the one and only Biore charcoal cleansing strips, i must admit at first i was a bit skeptical about this product but i tried these out with a few of my girlfriends and we all agreed they are amazing! the sensation is very strange when they start to harden around your nose, and its not at all painful when pulling the strip off this i was very surprised about and although its not very glamorous to look down and see all your blackheads stuck to a strip, but it really does work, it also makes your nose feel really soft after so thumbs up for these bad boys!

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So there it is products that finally don’t make me feel like i can fry a egg on my face! I knew for a long time that i really needed to get out there and search for products that were right for me and I’m so glad i did, these aren’t super expensive products and they will hardly leave you bankrupt but they really do work, i am a big believer that in some cases less can be more, i mean yes some more expensive skincare products are really good and are worth the money, but i also believe you can find products that are just as good for half the price if you just shop around a bit and do some digging, like i did and find out whats working for other people with the same skin type you have, that’s why i believe blogs are so amazing you get to explore and really compare and learn from  other people and find out information about things you would never particularly try if you didn’t read about how great they were, because i know my skin has the blogging community to thank!

Katharine Anne.



  1. March 16, 2017 / 12:58 am

    I’d love to try out the Biore Pore strips! That’s so awesome these work for you 🙂

    • March 16, 2017 / 8:24 am

      Try them out! Seriously I would really recommend them! If you do let me know what you think! 😃

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