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A few months back I was scrolling through my Instagram and kept finding myself stumbling across people’s wonderful posts of beautifully wrapped pink boxes with luxury cosmetic goodies inside, and of course found myself curious about the box its self and the cosmetics that came inside, so after some googling and searching through the glossy box website I was sold!  Not only because of the fantastic reviews that everyone had left about their own glossy box experiences but also with the reasonable prices, so a few clicks later I was signed up on their monthly plan.

My first box arrived a just 3 days later and I was over the moon of what was inside from This works moisturiser to a sleek make up pallet I was so happy with it, so much so that of course I was setting up my box for the perfect Instagram picture who wouldn’t? so after setting out all my new goodies on my desk I put the pink box on my shelf because there is no way I’m going to throw them! and started thinking to myself how glad I was that I subscribed, it’s sort of like a little treat for yourself that just gets delivered to you each month and I’m in love!

So just a few days later I was at my boyfriend’s house and started reading through my emails and came across an email from Glossy box inviting me to come and be a part of their bloggers brunch for aspiring bloggers, there was going to be a delicious brunch along with a glass of bubbly and talks from not only Glossy box themselves but Monas Eyes a Beauty blogger and youtuber and Connie also known as Cbeauty on her Instagram who is An amazing makeup artist and also a weight loss and nutrition influencer, after reading this my eyes lit up, I shoved my Ipad in my boyfriend’s face wanting him to read it and he looked at me and said “book the ticket then”, and that my friends is just what I did.

The day finally came I woke up early and jumped in the shower and started getting ready for the day that I had been looking forward to since the day I read the email, and call me crazy but I was overcome with nervousness, worried I was going to be out of place or I was going to make an idiot of myself (Anxiety issues) I think I had this idea in my head that everyone there was going to be super successful beauty bloggers and I’m nowhere near at that stage!

So, at 9.30am my boyfriend picked me up and we drove to oxford street and we arrived super early, so naturally I sat in the car with the feeling of excitement and nervousness bubbling inside of me, until it was finally time for me to go inside, so off I went Starbucks in hand. The event was held in a beautiful restaurant just at the back of oxford circus called the Coppa club, the whole atmosphere screamed sophistication. Once inside I told the waiter behind the counter that I was there for the glossy box event and I was directed down the stairs into a small private room with its own bar and only about enough spaces for 25 people, straight away I was greeted by Coryn and Emma from Glossy box and straight away I felt more relaxed they was so nice and welcoming and all my nervousness disappeared.

I sat down right at the front with a fellow aspiring blogger who was so lovely and we got to talking straight away and it was so nice being able to sit and speak to someone that was there and had a passion for the exact same thing as me, after about five minutes I looked up and across the room I could see Mona and Connie talking to one another and It was so surreal I have followed Mona for quite some time now and I’m a big fan of her blog and love her youtube videos, And I am a tad bit more new to Connies Instagram but I love her work and I think  she is such an inspiration, so seeing them in the flesh was defiantly a big pinch me moment.

The time come for them to start the talk, Coryn and Emma opened the talk telling us a bit more about Glossy box and what they do and what both of their roles were in the company which was amazing I think it’s always good to find out more about a company that your subscribed to, so after a  engaging talk from the both of them and a few sips of my bubbly it was time for Mona to start her part of the talk, and obviously I can’t quote word for word of what she spoke about, but it was the most inspiring talk and defiantly what I needed to hear at that particular moment in time, from telling us how she started her blogging journey to how she struggled and how she made things that little bit easier for herself and giving us tips and tricks on how we could make our experience that little bit smoother and for that I’m so grateful.

Next to speak was Connie I already had major outfit envy with what she was wearing but then half way through her talk I  had envy all round she is so inspirational and so motivated, she told us how she started her weight loss journey and how far she had come and what obstacles she had to face and overcome to get to where she is now, and having people sharing that kind of experience with you is so motivational especially if your finding your own path to be quite difficult. By the time Connie was finished speaking it was time for brunch to be served, the smell of warm pancakes and eggs filled the small intimate room and the voices of all the girls talking amongst themselves and phones being passed around for everyone to share their Instagram’s and blog sites with each other I felt a sense of comfort, comfort of being somewhere where other women were sharing their experiences sharing their goals and sharing a piece of themselves to others they had only met no more the 90 minutes ago, the feeling of support a non-judgmental environment. Something to which I had been searching for, for quite some time, I don’t have friends in my day to day life like me, people who are aspiring bloggers or influencers, and of course that’s fine not everyone has the same ambitions but when you don’t it’s difficult to share your ideas and aspirations with people who wouldn’t really get it.

The last 20 minutes of the event was a Q&A Coryn, Emma, Mona and Connie were all ready to answer and burning questions we had, and the room went silent it was that sort of silence where you could tell people were holding back, maybe like the way I was, I could of sat there all day asking them things I find myself googling late at night but never really getting the answers, but I guess my nerves got the better of me so I decided not to say anything at all, silly I know but I just wouldn’t of known what question to start with first. Finally, someone spoke up and most of the questions  were directed mostly at Coryn and Emma from Glossybox, so after a good 10 minutes of Q&A they announced it was goodie bag time. When I first read invite to the event it did state there would be a goodie bag and I think like everyone else in the room I was expecting a sort of party bag just a small bag or maybe even a glossy box with 5 items inside, oh how wrong we were they presented us with giant Glossybox bags filled to the brim with goodies, I was gobsmacked. Everyone started peering into the tops of the bags trying to get a glimpse of what was inside, no one wanted to be the one to start un bagging first, but as everyone received their bags It only takes one to dive in and then so did everyone else, I carefully started to pull a few items from the top of the bag and then lean the bag over just enough so I could see inside, I couldn’t believe it so much stuff from makeup pallets to facemasks and even a super cute and handy glossy box notepad.

After everyone was relaxed and calm from the excitement of the goodie bags because believe me it took a while, the whole experience had come to a finish and everyone was starting to say their goodbyes, a few of the girls I had got to talking to had to leave straight away and a few stayed behind, of course I was part of that few, I didn’t want to leave actually I stayed behind to the very end, I wanted to get a chance to thank the girls from glossy box and Mona personally unfortunately I couldn’t speak to Connie because she had a fitness event to go to, but I was so glad I stayed behind I had such a nice chat with Emma from glossy box and I even got a chance to speak to Mona and tell her how thankful and how great the whole experience was, she is genuinely such a lovely person she’s so warm and welcoming and so easy to speak to, normally I find myself becoming overwhelmed when speaking to someone I admire but not with her it was like speaking to a friend.

After hugs and goodbyes and a few more thank yous it was time to leave, time had gone so quickly I was shocked when I made my way up the stairs and the whole restaurant that was once so quiet and peaceful was heaving inside and out with people sipping cocktails and having their own brunch, I left on such a high and feeling so motivated and for the first time in a while felt like I could achieve what I wanted to achieve and that it was possible and if I worked hard and put my mind to it I would see the results, and even though it’s only been a week since the brunch I have made some big steps in to getting my blog started steps that I was too scared to take too scared I would fail or that I would be mocked, but you know what? I don’t care I’m going to do this because I want to and that for me is enough.

I want to thank Glossy box for hosting this event and to thank the amazing women that made it so spectacular for being so inspirational and motivating and for really and truly being influencers because without the motivational speeches I wouldn’t have been writing this now and I might not have made big steps that I made in the past week. I didn’t get to meet all the girls at the brunch but I’ve connected with nearly half of them on Instagram and a few of them I have spoken to a lot since last week and one girl in particular that has been there to answer all my questions about the blogging world and a few other bits of advice she has giving me, even down to hairstyles we are both considering! But that’s the thing if you put a bunch of likeminded women in the same room friendships will defiantly be made.

Women need to do more of inspiring other women and thanks to Glossy box, Coryn, Emma ,Mona, Connie and all the beautiful women I got to share this experience with I’m defiantly Inspired.



  1. April 21, 2017 / 5:59 pm

    Awww babe I’m so happy that my talked helped you in your blogging journey. If you need anymore help just ask xxx

    • katharine
      April 23, 2017 / 10:31 pm

      Thank you hunny! it really means a lot xxxx

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