I just love events, I love getting together with likeminded people and getting to know them, not a word of a lie since I ventured into the blogging world I have met a bunch of really lovely, beautiful and likeminded women, and everytime I get to see them face to face or even just talking through a Instagram direct message it makes me feel so happy and thankful to myself that I finally took the plunge into the whole blogging experience, because if I didn’t I would have never of met them, and even though we only speak through social media I feel like I have known them for ages, which is why I was super excited for the event I went to last Tuesday in London for a Glossybox and Caudalie event at their boutique store in Covent Garden, I was so looking forward to seeing the friendly faces of my fellow bloggers but also because I just love the atmosphere that these events bring, there is just something about them that just makes me feel so happy.

I arrived at the event just before 6pm and the whole store was so beautifuly set up, with light and dark pink ballons floating around the cealing and all the Caudalie products set up so beautifuly, and I just need to mention how amazing the store smelt, it was just like walking into a treatment room at a spa, such a relaxing and welcoming environment, there were canapés set out and we were offered a glass of wine or sparkling grape water, I of course went for the wine!!, I had travelled through London on the tube from work and I needed it!

Me and my fellow blogger friend Heather were the frist two to arrive so we was put down on the list first for our facials and can I just say I was a bit hesitant about having mine done just for the pure fact that I had a full face of make up on and it would have to all come off in order for me to have this facial done, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity, we were taken down stairs almost straight away into a small room and introduced to two women that work in the spa area of the store, they were absolutely lovely, they straight away got to removing our make up (Sob) and stated asking about our skin type what products we use at this moment in time.

A few products applied later and we were done and straight away I was so happy I had it done my face felt so refreshed and so soft, epically after traveling on the tube through central London, although I still had my eye make up on and a little bit of foundation still around my eye so I was rocking a panda look for the rest of the evening, but It was so worth it.

After our facials we went back upstairs to join the rest of the party and the store had gotten a lot busier in the space of 15 minutes, So it was time to start checking out the products, I had been given a booklet downstairs of all the products used on me during my facial and the products that I was recommended to use, so it was time to start exploring, the verity of the products are unreal there seems to be something for every skin type and every age, I ended up getting one of the travel bags full of travel size products such as the Micellar water, Detox mask, Beauty elixir, Eye cream and Moisturizing sorbet and I also got my hands on the Limited edition grape water that has been a absolute lifesaver in this heatwave we are experiencing at the moment, me and a lot of the girls at the party purchased the same products just purely based on the fact we are all off on holidays soon and I think its nice to get to try the products out yourself for a while before investing in the full sizes.

by the end of the night we were well feed well watered and had our hands on some lovely new products, Glossy box  always have their way of surprising you at the end of their events, after purchasing our products we were all given  a huge Caudalie tote bag with a few mini samples and a adorable biscuiteers biscuit decorated like a Beauty elixir bottle and of course a new glossy box notebook and pencil. Once 8pm had come it was time to say our goodbyes but before leaving we all made plans to meet one day lunch and some of us are even meeting for future blogging events.

I am so happy I was lucky enough to be able to attend this event with Caudalie and Glossy box and all the other events I have attended in the past and for the amazing people I have met along the way.

So after a beauty elixir biscuit later and a lot of at home pampering its safe to say Caudalie are starting to win my heart.


until next time.












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