How I Unwind And De-stress

We all know how difficult it can be sometimes to relax, I for one know it can take me ages and a lot of difficulty to unwind, not only with the daily stresses of that life throws at us day by day but also how anxiety can play a huge part in this as well, so In the last 6 months I have been trying to get into a routine of just switching off and finding my inner calm, and I wanted to share with you all just what I do to achieve this.


One of the things I find most relaxing after a long day is probably the most common, a bath and I know this is one of the key things people will tell you to do to help you unwind, but when I’m trying to de stress, a hot bubble bath just wont cut it without the right ingredients, I love including a bath bomb, Lush cosmetics do some really good bath bombs with some key ingredients that will help you unwind one of them being Twilight  I have been using this bath bomb since my first time shopping at Lush, one of its main ingredients is lavender which is balancing and calming, I love using this in my bath and getting straight into bed after not only so I feel so relaxed it also makes you smell great and I feel as if I just fall into a peaceful sleep straight after. I also am a big fan of the Lush luxury bath oils I love watching them melt under the running water and I love the way your skin feels after you get out of the bath you just feel so soft and moisturised, the one that I like to use most is the You’ve been mangoed 

Long walks on my own used to be a something that would make me panic at just the thought of it, a few years back I couldn’t think of anything worse then being alone I used to hate it more than anything, even being alone in my house used to make my anxiety go crazy, but as I’ve gotten older I have really started to enjoy my own company, especially now that I started blogging and started finding a hobby in taking pictures, now I can just go for a wonder with my camera and end up stumbling upon the most beautiful things. I also am a big fan of people watching, from sitting on a park bench and watching the world go by to sitting in a Starbucks with my laptop, I find something comforting in watching the world go by and taking a sneak peak into other peoples lives for a few seconds, after I’ve had a day to myself like this I go home feeling uplifted and calm.



I can often find it quite difficult to get myself a early night, by the time I get home from work and do all the bits and bobs that need to be done and then trying to take sometime for myself, by the time it comes to bedtime I just cant seem to settle down, but a few weeks ago I discovered the Calm app and for anyone who hasn’t heard about this wonderful app before and you sometimes struggle to slip off into the land of nod then listen up because this one is for you. On holiday a few months back I was reading the Calm book and I found that to be really comforting and helpful what with my trouble with flying, and then I discovered the Calm app and it has so many great features included, some you do have to purchase but the ones that you do get for free are great, and to be honest I actually haven’t purchased any of the extra features as of yet, there are all sorts of calming exercises on the app such as breathing exercises, meditation and sleep stories, I use the sleep stories the most out of all the features, I have noticed such a difference in my sleeping habits since using the app, I’m going to sleep much earlier then usual once I press play on the sleep story I just feel myself start to relax, ive never made it through a whole story before falling asleep, I would 100% recommend this app to help you unwind, and fall off into a blissful sleep.


Last thing on my list is going to be pampering, as a women I know there’s nothing more amazing then the feeling of being pampered, anything from having my nails done to relaxing on my bed with a face mask on, face masks have been my new go to time out session, I love taking all my make up off and sticking on a mask and just laying down and chilling for the 15-20 minutes while the mask is going to town on my face, and then washing it off and feeling clean and refreshed, on some of my days off I go to town and do the works exfoliate, face mask, nails, and defiantly a good hair mask, I normally do this on a Monday evening because I work from Tuesdays to Saturdays it just makes me feel so good going back to work the next day, and I feel so good about myself.


what do you like to do to unwind? is there any products or app’s that you use that help you to switch off and find your inner calm? if there is I would love to know.

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  1. August 10, 2017 / 7:20 am

    Great post! I also find long walks, help me to relax and distress. Especially when I’m discovering some place new. I’m also very lucky to live in an area with loads of green space. So, that helps with peaceful walks.

    • katharine
      August 14, 2017 / 12:21 pm

      I love it! But you are so lucky to live somewhere with so much open space, I have to venture far out to get some peace and quiet! xx

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