August Glossy Box, Was It Really The Best Box Yet?

August Glossy Box, Was It Really The Best Box Yet?

As I’m sure you might know by now, I have been a Glossy Box subscriber for quite a few months now, and honestly out of all the boxes I have received each month I have never been truly disappointed, I’m always discovering new fantastic products that I would of never of gone out and bought myself, and I have discovered a few really good brands that I now buy there products out of my own pocket. So last month Glossy Box launched their collectors edition boxes designed for the Summer months, last months was a cute pinker box then usual with “Hello Summer” on the front, inside was a bunch of goodies deigned to help us through the summer months from a gorgeous Spectrum collections make up brush to banana setting powder and even after sun, unfortunately the after sun hasn’t come that much in handy due to us having a awful month in London of rain and wind but fingers crossed that will changed from now on, so as you can probably tell I was already super pleased with Julys box, so when I started seeing spoilers of a few other peoples August box saying how pleased they were with it, I was so excited to get my hands on mine, and 2 days later I did and here are my thoughts on my August Glossy Box.

First of all I’m not going to lie, the design of this months box is incredibly cute, this is the first Glossy Box I have received that isn’t pink, this month its a gorgeous baby blue that has ” Girls just wanna have sun” printed on the front, before even opening this months box I was already over excited and I hadn’t even opened the lid yet, So of course naturally I threw off the lid and began to carefully unbox my box by carefully pulling the string of the neatly tied bow and trying not to rip the adorable baby blue tissue paper while pealing it back from the little Glossy Box logo sticker that holds it closed, and to my complete surprise it was packed full of products, I have never actually received a Glossy Box that had so many items inside. First thing I instantly went to grab was the Essence Cosmetics pallet, that can I just say is the coolest pallet I have actually ever seen the front is see through and the inside is filled with loads of tiny multi coloured beads that move through the pallet every time its moved, not only is it different it looks amazing and I LOVE it, also in the box was the two eyeshadows that are so pretty, a blusher and a highlight that all fit into this beautiful little pallet, I was already over the moon, and that was just one of the first things in the box.



Second item in the box was a small can of Batiste’s new 2 in 1 invisible dry shampoo & conditioner, I have actually been wanting to try this after seeing it posted of some Instagram accounts that I follow, sometimes I find dry shampoos always show up in my hair and always make it quite obvious I’m wearing it, and I also find they can make my hair feel quite dry, so what with this one being a conditioner as well as a dry shampoo I was really chuffed about getting this to try out.

Next in this months box was a total repair ice hair mask from a company called Valouer and I have never actually heard of this company before, but the fact that it has total repair written on the bottle is enough for me to want to give it a try, what with my hair being quite dry from all the bleaching in the past, the bottle is also quite a decent size with it being a mask I would say with my shoulder length hair I could more then likely get about 5-6 uses out of this one bottle, and if it does “totally repair my hair” then I will be straight on their website ordering more.

Second to last inside was a beautiful bronzer from Model Launcher, the packaging of the bronzer is simple, but when opened up its designed to look like leopard print while altogether combined different shades of golden shimmery bronze, I did actually try this bronzer over the weekend and I was honestly surprised, it wasn’t to heavy or to dark for my skin tone, I used quite a light powder brush to blend it in and I was pleasantly surprised seeing as I’m not actually a bronzer wearing sort of girl, but when going to a party or special occasion I will slap on a bit of bronzer to make myself look a bit more sun kissed, so I will be keeping this on close by for all the summer events I have coming up.


Lastly in this months Glossy Box was a really cute light blue handcrafted bracelet by a company called Purelei its just a small light material bracelet that has Aloha in gold writing written across it, I have a feeling its one of the type of bracelets you can buy the charms to slide onto them as well, but to be honest it looks so cute on its own, defiantly gives off a summery festival vibe.

And that’s it! that was all the amazing goodies I received in this months Glossy box, and YES in my opinion this was 100% the best box I have received from Glossy Box so far, not only was the box so incredibly cute and will look amazing on my shelf in my room, the content of the box was just incredible, I love how the Glossy team always seem to get the products they send me spot on, I know that’s obviously because when you sign up to the box you do fill out a small questionnaire about yourself, like what skin tone you have, hair colour and what type of hair, obviously that’s why I always get the products for dry hair.. but they never forget, you can tell that the items they send you isn’t just thrown in a box and sent on its way, someone is there making sure that you get a box completely tailored to you, and that why I really do love receiving my Glossy box each month.

If you have never had a Glossy Box before and feel like giving one of their collectors edition boxes a go, then head over to their website where the August box is currently on offer for only £6! that’s £6 for all of them amazing products, if you are interested and wanna take a look for yourself  Click Here to check it out, and before you think it, I’m no way shape or form promoting for Glossy Box, I just know that I love receiving lovely treats each month and I know so many people out there would too.
Have you already got this months Glossy Box? if so what did you get inside yours? let me know on the comments bellow.

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  1. August 14, 2017 / 3:05 pm

    Loved this post! I have a subscription with Birchbox so it’s always nice to have a nosey in other make up boxes!
    Best wishes, Gee x

  2. August 14, 2017 / 3:11 pm

    Ooooh it looks like a nice box! I’ve been wanting to try Batiste’s 2 in 1 for a while now. Let me know how you find it!


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