I feel like I’m late to this party, and by party I mean this review of the Zoella’s new jelly and gelato range, I actually wanted to post this as soon as I got my hands on these beautifully packaged products, but I wanted to take some time to actually use the products and get to know them and really see if they were the best products Zoella has released yet  and when I found out that they all had the sent of elderflower and pomegranate to me that just screams summer, so on that note here are all the products I purchased from the jelly and gelato ranged and what I thought of each product.



After seeing so many blog posts and YouTube videos reviewing these products, I think this was the one products I was most excited about using, not only because I’m a sucker for body creams but after seeing that this body cream had little beads inside that burst into your skin as you moisturize, so with this being the product I was most excited about, this was the product I started using straight away, as soon as I took of the lid the smell was just incredible the sent is just so summery and so fresh, I love putting it on after I’ve had a shower, it leaves my skin feeling so moisturized, and my skin feels so soft for hours after, I also have started using it on my hands in the evenings before I go to bed, and I’m quite a suffer of dry hands and this has been working so well my hands still feel really soft and supple in the morning, this product defiantly lived up to my expectations.


I’m going to be honest I have only used two sachests of the bath frosting, mainly because I don’t want to use it all in one week, it doesn’t make any bubble in the bath so I do tend to use a bubble bath mixed in with it, but it does make the bath go a beautiful milky colour and the sent is so relaxing, the two times I have used the bath frosting ive made sure its a proper relaxing bath with candles and bubbles the lot, and although I haven’t used a lot of this product yet I’m deffantly enjoing it during bath time.


I have owned quite a few of the pervious body mists by Zoella, and I have loved every single one, and even though this one does smell amazing I’m not going to lie and say that its my favourite, because well that would be a lie, even though it does have a similar smell to the other products it does seem to be a little bit stronger and sweeter then the others, and I’m not the biggest fan of over sweet perfumes, so although its not my favourite out of all Zoella’s body mists, it is still a lovely sent but just a bit too overpowering for me but if you love sweet scents then this is defiantly the one for you.






THIS body wash is my new favourite thing in my shower, not only is it the most incredible packaging I’ve ever seen it literally makes me feel so fresh and clean after I’ve used it, it smells lovely and not at all too over powering or too sweet, it lathers up so well and is just the most lovely body wash. I really would recommenced this product to everyone because not only does it look incredible in the bathroom it makes you smell incredible.


That was the only products from the jelly and gelato range that I purchased, but I am looking forward to getting my hands on the others, not only for more gorgeous scents but for the beautiful packaging that looks incredible in my bathroom & bedroom. I defiantly feel like this is the best range Zoella has released so far everything about it just make me happy.  Have you used anything from the jelly and gelato range? If you have what was your favourite? was there anything you didn’t like as much? let me know below!

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