If you have never visited Peggy Porschen before then you are missing out and I suggest you make your way down there as soon as your in or around London, I myself have only been there twice before but the memory of their cakes leave the wonderful memory and make me want to go back every weekend.
The first time I visited I went with my fiancé just on the off chance after having nothing to do one Sunday, I had obviously seen so many beautiful pictures on Instagram and wanted to check it out for myself, my boyfriend not really understanding the hype still drove me there regardless, and upon arriving the shop was packed inside and out, what with it being late afternoon and a weekend, but I was in absolute love, its actually just as pretty seeing it in person, there were so many people lining up outside taking pictures of each other and patiently waiting to get their perfect Instagram shot, and quite obviously I was itching to get mine. A few pictures later and a cupcake each to go it was time to hit the road, but I was determined to go back to have a piece of their delicious cake and coffee and sit outside in their beautiful seating area, So that’s when I decided to make a date with one of my close blogger friend Heather and make a girly day out of it and that’s exactly what we did.


So my second time back to my new favourite cake shop I was with someone who appreciated not only delicious cake but also appreciated the art of Instagram picture taking, we met at Victoria station and walked there in under 10 minutes, thankfully we went on Monday afternoon so it was quite empty and we managed to get a table outside, I was actually more excited for Heather because this was her first time visiting the shop and I know her love of sweet treats is just as big as mine, Once we were inside it took us about 5 minutes to actually decided on what we wanted, even though there isn’t exactly a huge amount of choice both the slices of cakes and the cupcakes look so delicious its almost impossible to choose, finally we picked I had the champagne and strawberry cake and Heather had the salted caramel chocolate cake and we both had a freshly made summer berry iced tea, and let me tell you this trip was even better then the last the cake was incredible I’ve never had cake like it, its so moist and light and wasn’t overly sweet and the summer berry iced tea was so refreshing and perfect to wash the cake down with.  But of course before we devoured what was in front of us it took us about 15 minutes to get the perfect pictures ( I think the people in the coffee shop across the street thought we was mad) but it was so worth it.
Just before we left we got a few pictures of each other outside the shop and just a few pictures of the shop itself and all the beautiful flowers and props that surround it, I think its so much better going places like this with friends especially when you both don’t mind about how long it takes to get that perfect picture, I honestly cant wait to go back I defiantly want to try the salted caramel cake the next time I go and one of their coffee’s and excitingly enough I’m going their in September with a bunch of blogging friends I met on twitter and I honestly cant wait.

If you haven’t been before and your a sucker for amazing cake and a pretty pink picture for your feed then I couldn’t recommend Peggy Porschen enough. Have you ever been before? if you have let me know in the comments and let me know what you had I would love to have the inspo for next time, maybe I can get a few to go..
Until next time.




  1. August 21, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    Blooming great post! Thank you for taking me! I love every second. I still think the salted caramel one was delicious even after trying the strawberry and champagne. Next visit I want to try the glorious Victoria. Oh and the hubby said the chocolate brownie was to die for! 💋

    • katharine
      August 24, 2017 / 8:44 pm

      Thank you! I hope we get to go again soon! xx

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