Over Coming My Fears, And How I Did It

Over Coming My Fears, And How I Did It

When I think back to the Katharine from a year ago its pretty different to the girl that now stares back at me in the mirror every morning, its surprising just how much you can grow as a person in a year, if I flash back 365 days ago I was someone who was trying desperately to hold on to any aspect of friendship I had left, I wanted to be the person that got invited out or that wouldn’t be forgotten about and I’m not ashamed to admit that because for me this was all a process of my growing up, I would constantly reply events over in my head about what I could of done wrong if a friend never text me back after a few days or if everyone was invited somewhere apart from me, that was the Katharine from a year ago, a me filled with anxiety even over the simplest of life’s pleasures such as friendships, and now I couldn’t think of stressing over these same exact situations, over this last year I have Come to realise a few things about myself and about others and how important it is to be comfortable with who you are, and here are a three of the things the last 365 days have taught me.





The saying is an old one but one of the truest there is, If you aren’t going to love yourself then how do you expect someone else to love you? I spent so much wasted time comparing myself to others, so much time thinking, why am I not like this person? how come I’m not as good at that? and it is so soul destroying and boring, every single person is beautiful in their own unique way, and I didn’t become truly happy until I came to this realisation and only to wish I had done it sooner, over the past 8 months I have met some truly amazing women, especially through social media and I have never felt so inspired or uplifted then I do when I speak with these women, we all uplift each other and give the true meaning to girl power, I only wish that every woman could be this way with one another, not only on social media but face to face in everyday life. To become happier I had to stop worrying what I thought other people thought of me, and just start worrying about me, I’ve achieved so much this year that I never thought I would be able to accomplish, and I’m so proud of myself and I know for a fact that if I was still in the same position I was in last year mentally I would of never achieved these things, purely because I was so scared about what people would think of me which leads me on to my next point..





Could you imagine waking up at 80 years old and looking back at your life and regretting all the things you never done and all because you was afraid, afraid what people were going to think of you, do you really think at 80 years old you are going to look back and think about what Sarah and Jason thought of you and it would still effect you? NO because these things don’t matter, they matter to us at the time because lets face it no one wants to me mocked or laughed at but who cares? because I’m very sure that a large majority of people that would mock you behind your back would never say it to your face and theres a reason behind that, half of the time its to do with their insecurities and their jealousy, so DO YOUR THING, whatever it it that makes you happy do it, do it before its too late, because all we ever seem to do is wait for tomorrow, do it now and forget about everyone else and do it because YOU want t0, because what other people think of you is none of your business.





Stepping outside of my comfort zone was something very big for me, starting this blog was a big deal to take a part of myself and share it online and also to make it known to people on my social media platforms that I had a blog and putting that link in my bio was a huge thing for me, it was something I sort of done and then threw my phone on my bed and cringed and walked away, but once it was done it was done, like ripping off a plaster quick and painless, and from that day i’ve had nothing but positive things happen to me, yeah sure its been difficult not all of it has been easy but every positive moment I experience from this journey makes it all worth it, I stepped out of my comfort zone and created something that was mine, a space where I can write down my thoughts feeling and my photos and share them with everyone, a year ago if I looked into the future and saw me now I would of laughed and a thousand thoughts would of consumed my mind about how I would of had accomplished it, but I did, I done it because its possible, its possible to do anything you put your mind too you just have to believe in yourself and fill your mind with positivity and the world is your oyster.



One of my biggest regrets I have is not doing the things I wanted to do sooner, if I could only go back in time and share the information with a younger me then I could of had a head start on this amazing experience, but I’m a big believer in everything happening for a reason, so I guess this was the right moment in time for me, if there Is anything in life you ever feel like you can’t achieve or theres something as pathetic as other peoples opinions weighing you down from your true potential then just remember why you want to do it and what it means to you, and only you because in 20 or 50 years time these these minor setbacks won’t mean nothing but regret will.

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  1. katharine
    August 31, 2017 / 10:01 pm

    This is so Nice to hear! I know how it feels to be scared about what others will think of you, but your doing your blog because you love it and it brings you happiness and if your friends can’t understand or accept that then thats says more about them not you. Let me know when you do it! I’m routing for you all the way!!! xx

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