Mildreds The Best Vegan Restaurant in Town

Mildreds The Best Vegan Restaurant in Town

So I have never actually done a post about food before which is funny because I love food, its one of the things that actually make me the most happy.. sad? food. Angry? food. Happy? food. its always the answer so this actually surprises me when I come to realise that I’ve never actually written anything about the topic as of yet so today is the day My very first foodie post and I’m really excited as this post is about one of my favourite restaurants in London and that is the one and only Mildreds.

If you are not a Vegetarian or a Vegan you might not have heard about Mildreds and thats ok because a lot of people I tell about this particular restaurant haven’t heard about it either, even my fiancé was a bit sceptical when I first dragged him here, I think a lot of people who aren’t Veggies or Vegans always assume that these types of restaurants only offer you bowls of dry lettuce and basically charge you an arm and a leg for what some people describe as rabbit food, but oh you’d be very wrong. First of the restaurant its self Is lovely it isn’t very big and it can get quite busy in peak hours but please don’t let that put you off, I’ve been before where I’ve had to wait for a table and it was well worth it you can just take a seat at the bar while you wait, unfortunately the restaurant doesn’t accept bookings due to their popular demand but its worth the wait, if you are in a hurry they also operate a take away service which I’ve yet to try but I only wish deliveroo would bring it to my doorstep. The service is impeccable I’ve never had to wait ages for them to come and take my order or wait ages for the food, everything always comes the way you asked and you won’t feel like your wasting away in your seat through starvation.


“if you’re a vegetarian – go! if you’re a vegan – go!
if you like food – go!
mildreds is like a home from home.”


The menu is quite small only one page with starters, Mains and sides ( they have separate menu for desserts) but everything sounds delicious, what I love most about this restaurant is that most people that visit have visited before and know how good it is, I’ve been three times now and every time I always hear people around me asking the waiters what the next table or the table across is eating/drinking, because the menus don’t have any pictures of their food its left up to imagination but when the food comes out it all looks so amazing that people just want it all. The first time I visited Mildreds was with a work college a few years back, we went after work because her cousin had been before and had brought her back a takeaway box from the restaurant, she tried the food and fell in love and she was neither a veggie or vegan and she took me knowing I was a vegetarian and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The food is the real reason I’m writing this because I know everyone loves good food and I just want everyone to know how good Mildreds is, since I’ve visited four times I’ve tried two different mains, the mushroom and ale pie with chunky chips and mushy peas, and my god its just like the most perfect comfort food the pastry on the pie is crispy and flaky and the chunky chips are incredible especially with the garlic mayo that comes on the side not only does it leave you satisfied it leaves you stuffed. I know I said I’ve visited four times but only tried two mains and the reason to that is because when I first visited Mildreds with my friend she made me try the one dish she was in love with and that was the sri lankan sweet potato and green bean curry and I’ve been hooked ever since, I think the only reason I had the mushroom and ale pie was because my fiancé suggested I try something different, and even though I loved the pie it still couldn’t quite compare to the curry its sweet and spicy at the same time the sweet potato is soft and flavoursome and the cashews in the curry give it that perfect amount of crunch, it also comes with a small side of chilly curry paste if you want that extra kick, its the perfect dish so if you do ever visit I would highly recommend the curry I’m promise you won’t be disappointed.


The starter dishes are yummy, I tend to always go for the smashed avocado with corn chips and the gyoza dumplings with sweet chilli and soy dip, I’m a creature of habit and always end up getting the same dish in the end but from what I see around me and from other people enjoying there food around me and from close friends and work colleges that have all visited everything Mildreds have to offer is delicious.

Desserts I never seem to have room for but on two occasions I did and the first dessert I ever tried was the beetroot chocolate brownie with coconut ice cream, I can see some of your faces looking at your screen with a frowned face when I saw beetroot brownie but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, it was the moistest chocolate brownie I’ve ever eaten and as for the coconut ice cream well.. WOW. The second dessert I’ve tried was the peach, strawberry and bramley apple polenta crumble with vanilla ice cream  and in all honest it didn’t beat the chocolate brownie but it was delicious, I’m a sucker for a crumble so as long as its warm and comes with ice cream I’m a happy girl, oh and as for the cocktails! they tend to change the menu every time I visit but they are out of this world and always look so pretty!.

So there you have it Mildreds won my heart right from the start with their great atmosphere and staff and the most wonderful dishes you really can’t go wrong, the restaurants prices are quite the same to any of your other high street restaurants, so its not breaking the bank, and you really don’t need to be a herbivore to dine here, coming from the people I’ve gone with they all said they forgot they was even in a vegan friendly restaurant because the food was that great.

So if your looking for a new Veggie/Vegan restaurant to give a try then check out Mildreds, and even if your not the check it out anyway next Time your local to one, they now have restaurants in Camden, Soho, Kings cross and Dalston and if you need any more convincing I’m leave the link to their website right Here and you can check out the menu for yourself!

Let me know if you have visited Mildreds before or any other Vegetarian or Vegan restaurants that you love.

Until next time..


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