So…? The Elegant Affordable Fragrances.

So…? The Elegant Affordable Fragrances.

I’ve been a fan of So..? fragrance for a while, its been my go to spray that I keep in my handbag for the throughout the day spritz, so when I was sent some of their latest fragrances I was beyond over the moon not only are they beautifully packaged but they smell incredible! I was sent three body mists and one perfume, two of the body mists come in a longer more colourful bottle one is called fresh floral and the other sweet Pea, both equally just as beautiful, but both completely different, sweet pea is indeed quite sweet but not at all heavy, and fresh floral is exactly that! fresh and floral with a peach blossom and peony flower fragrance, these mists are perfect for on the go and the perfect size for your handbag, not only that but they looks fantastic on my desk not only do they smell good but they look amazing too.

One of the other body mists I received was from the sheer illusion collection, and this sent is a little different to the others as is the packaging, its so elegant and not only that it has a rose gold effect and we all know how I feel about rose gold! the scent itself is a beautiful blend of mandarin and bergamot with a floral sent of rose and jasmine with a hint of sandalwood.

if I’m going to be honest this is my favourite mist out of them all and is the one that is currently sitting in my handbag as I type, I take it to work I take it out on weekends and I won’t stop until its finished, everytime I spray it around friends I’m constantly getting asked what it is and can they use some, so I have a feeling this is going to be the first one to run out. 


And the last fragrance I received was also from the sheer illusion collection so of course it smells just like the mist, but just in the perfume form so it is that tad bit heaver and I use this only in the mornings before I leave the house and then I just top up during the day with the sheer illusion mist, these two fragrances are the best I’ve had in a while, I’ve never had a scent I like so much both in a perfume and mist form, I know that so…? does two more collections with a mist and a perfume the dark romance and the fresh unique & vibrant range and Im looking forward to trying them, and if they smell just as gorgeous as the sheer illusion collection then I will happily have the whole range stacked up on my desk. 


Not only do I love so..? fragrance because of how gorgeous they smell but I love how affordable they are, there are so many perfumes out there that I have been on the verge of buying but always stop myself because of the £££ price tag, so having fragrances like this in high street stores that doesn’t break the bank is just beyond perfect, and even though I love Autumn these fragrances defiantly put a bit of summer in my step.

I will leave the links to each fragrance I mentioned bellow so you can take a look for yourself, so a big thank you to so fragrance not only for amazing fragrances but for letting me smell wonderful and not even noticing the difference in my bank statement. 


until next time.. 


Fresh Floral.

Sweet Pea.

Sheer Illusion Mist.

Sheer Illusion Eau De Toilette.





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