Why NYX Are Killing It Right Now

Why NYX Are Killing It Right Now

As many people know I’m absolutely obsessed with NYX, I started purchasing there products a year or so ago, and first off I couldn’t believe how affordable they were as a brand, after seeing people using it on Youtube and Instagram and seeing their results, I never imagined it would be so affordable, but when I actually started using the products I was hooked, and now I think nearly every product I apply to my face in the morning is a NYX cosmetic.

Last month I took my monthly shop to boots and I saw that they had released some new products part of their Metallic range, i picked up the metallic eyeshadow palette and instantly fell in love and that was even before I had used it, and once I used it I haven’t used any other palette since, it is honestly the most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever used, every single one of them are incredible, there are six shades in the metallic palette, I tend to use the top three the most and I use them all blended together and it gives of the most sparkly metallic shine that literally lasts all day long, I’ve had so many people ask me where my eyeshadow is from and since I started using it I had people making complements about my sparkly eyes, I have to go back the end of the month and get another one just in case they stop selling them, all the palettes I’ve bought from NYX have been amazing but this one is by far the best yet.


Another item I bought from the metallic range was their Liquid suede metallic matte glosses, I bought two matte glosses and two of the actual glosses from this range and just WOW, both the matte shades are red, the first one I bought was Biker babe which is a beautiful deep red, to be honest its a bit daring for me, I don’t normally go for deep reds I normally play it safe with nudes and the occasional purple lip, but this shade was just to pretty to ignore, Ive been wearing this shade to work as It makes me feel quite shophisticated and just gives my whole outfit that pop of colour.

The second matte shade I picked up was Bella its a beautiful metallic deep pink, this is defiantly my favourite out of the whole metallic lip range, I can wear it with any outfit and it really complements my pale skin tone. The thing I love about these glosses I that they literally last ALL DAY I wore Bella today and I’ve been out to the park, drunk two hot chocolates and I’ve had dinner and it is still hanging in there, don’t get me wrong its not as bold as it was this morning but you can defiantly see I’m wearing lipstick, I’ve tried A LOT of lipsticks and lip glosses and nothing has beaten this, and whats even better is that these Glosses are £7!!! how can you go wrong with £7 this is why I feel like every time I walk into boots I walk out with another NYX Gloss I just can’t help myself.

The other two glosses I got from the metallic range was Ellite and Retro Harmony these two glosses are super creamy and super metallic, Ellite is the perfect Red its not too deep and its not too bright, it looks perfect put on top of Biker Babe, or even on its own it just as beautiful, and Retro harmony is that perfect golden nude, I tend to wear this shade on its own its the perfect colour when I’m not in the mood for too much lip. So as you can tell by now I’m loving the NYX metallic range, I really hope they release a few more for Autumn/Winter.

Last few items I’ve been loving from NYX lately is the Golden olive and Jet Black Slide on Pencils, these are so good and so long lasting, I use the black pencil for my waterline and the golden one for just in the corners of my eyes and it literally makes such a difference, it really makes them pop, I haven’t used eyeliner for my under eye in the longest time but I was in the store last week and I just thought I would give it a try and I’m so glad I did because I’m not disappointed and both pencils are £5.50 I put both on this morning and even though yes it doesn’t look as bold as it did, it is still there regardless, I’ve bought so many eyeliners in the past where I’ve applied it to my waterline and by the time I get to work its almost none existent so I would really recommended these pencils to anyone that likes that bold pop of colour under the eyes.

And lastly is the NYX tame and frame eyebrow pomade , before I discovered this I was just using a regular eyebrow pencil, but I picked this up on the off chance and it has change my eye brow game! I bought this along with the Pro dual angled brow brush, and I feel like my eyebrows always look amazing, the pomade always goes on perfectly and last all day Long, I work 9 hours and when I get home it still looks the same as it did when I left my house, although this product isn’t new to NYX this is actually my second one, last time I bought quite a dark shade and I feel it was a bit too dark, but the shade I picked up this time around was in the shade brunette, and it is perfect if you like a easy applied brow that lasts no matter the weather I would defiantly recommended the tame and frame and the angled pro dual brush.

Thats everything I’ve been loving from NYX at the moment and even though nearly all of my make up bag consists of NYX these are my new Favourites, have you tried anything from this range? let me know what you think or if you have anything you could recommend, any excuses for me to purchase a few more!


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