Taking some time off.

Taking some time off.

One of the things I think is so important is taking time out for yourself, we all lose ourselves in day to day life, friends and family and even partners that we never really take time to step back and breath and take time where we really and truly pamper ourselves, I don’t always think pampering is taking that long hot bubble bath or sitting back and relaxing with a face mask and your favourite box set, even though it is another important factor of taking some time out, but doing little things for yourself is also pampering, things that you enjoy things that help you switch off from the outside and focus on yourself. We all tend to forget about ourselves sometimes and thats completely normal but one thing I’ve recently come to realise again is how much I enjoy doing things for myself, I was lucky enough to get a few days this week to do exactly what I wanted and I loved ever moment of it so i thought I would share some of the things that help me bring myself back to focus.

Being on my own

I had a few days off this week and my fiancé couldn’t get anytime off work to join me, and I was disappointed at first but as horrible as it sounds in the end I was grateful, its been so nice to do what I want when ever I wanted to do it, I went shopping, ( because retail therapy is always good for the soul!) I went and got coffee and lunch on my own and as sad as it sounds I loved it, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t like to be on my own all the time doing these things but its so nice just to take life at your own pace and do exactly what you want to do how you like to do it. Getting coffee and taking long walks is one of my favourite things to do, I love taking trips into Oxford street or central London and just getting lost especially this time of year when its chilly outside and you can wrap up warm sipping your coffee as you watch the festivities of the season ahead starting to unfold.

Getting lost in a book.

I always find that getting my head stuck in a book, helps to ground me I love getting my imagination going and really get lost in that world, I find that its the perfect solution to help take your mind off of any stresses you have going on. At the moment I’m reading Tanya’s Christmas by Tanya Burr, and even though its not my usual sort of read I’m really loving it! I also know theres still a few weeks left to go until Christmas but its never too early to start getting them festive juices flowing, theres so many great ideas inside this book, from how to make festive treats and cocktails, to DIY Christmas gifts and decorations and even great places to visit over the festive period, I started reading and I couldn’t put it down, I’ve even gone to the extent of jotting down the recipes and places I want to do/visit before Christmas, so I would defiantly recommend sticking your nose in this book before Christmas.

Creating new looks

As strange as It might sound, one of the things I actually enjoy doing the most is playing around with make up and trying out new products, I’ve been a slight make up junkie for as long as I can remember and I just love getting my hands on the latest products, give me a mirror and a bag full of make up and I could sit there for hours, even though I have my particular products that I use every single day I still have a box dedicated to more out there looks. I have recently bought a small bag full of products from Primark’s make up range and its things like this that I could sit there and test out for hours, I’ve heard such good things about their Make up and I’ve got to say I’m quite impressed so much so that a few of the products have been added to my everyday make up box, just because there cheap doesn’t mean their not good quality. So its things like this I love doing and I enjoy it so much I find it quite therapeutic to sit there and try do create as many looks as possible.

Laughter is the best medicine 

We all get to points in our lives where we feel like the world is on our shoulders and sometimes things can get so much that we can feel suffocated feel like we want to isolate ourselves from everyone because its just better not having to speak, just in case someone might dare ask you how your feeling and we don’t even what to bring ourselves to even have to say we don’t want to talk about it, I know because I’ve been there more then once and its a horrible feeling but one thing thats always made me feel better no matter how I feel deep down is laughter, it well and truly is the best medicine being around people you love with never fail, I always find being around the people closest to me will always guarantee me to be smiling or laughing at one point or another.

Even when I’m not with anyone looking back on old memories, good times like days out or holidays will always guarantee to make me smile, and if all else fails giving someone close to you a text or a call could always help, I never shy away from letting people know I need a bit of cheering up, truth is everyone needs cheering up now and then its just admitting it is the difficult part, even if I’m not particularly up for admitting it just talking to someone and bringing up old memories or halarious situations that have happened in the past always make me feel great and after laughing for a few minutes you’ll suddenly feel lifted and then everything went seem as bad as it was before you started your trip down memory lane.

These are just some of the things that help me come back to centre and relax me when I just feel like I need to take some time for myself, there not major things most of them don’t cost anything at all, but thats the thing I always find that the little things make me smile the most, there the things that make me appreciate everything I have and really help me get make into the swing of things and feel that bit more refreshed.

Whats your top tips for recharging your battery’s and taking some time for yourself? let me know what they are, and if you need some time to breath and recharge yourself before the festive period kicks in then try out one or a few of these tips I mentioned and see if it works for you.

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