The Budget Christmas Stocking Gift Guide For Her.

The Budget Christmas Stocking Gift Guide For Her.

The run up to Christmas can be a crazy one, running around like mad people zooming in and out of shops picking up last minute bits and bobs just so we feel like we’ve actually made an effort to buy people gifts, but sometimes I find half the time I end up picking up the most random things just to build the pile up, I’m famous amongst my friends and family for always leaving my Christmas shopping till Christmas Eve which is a mistake I WILL NOT be making this year, and even to my surprise I’m already half way through my list! ( pat on the back for Katharine)


But before I ventured into the world of blogging I never had the help of fellow bloggers posting up there ideas for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers and reading through these posts has proven to be a great help! and even if they aren’t particularly the items I wold personally purchase myself I think its such s good idea, because lets face it and one point or another we are strapped for ideas and sometime we are unfortunately on a budget!

so I wanted to make a stocking filler gift guide on items I have been using over the past few months that not only I find worth every Penny, that will also help you save a few yourself!

so here goes my Christmas stocking filler gift guide 2017!



Urban Decay Optical Illusion primer


First things first, I bought this primer in Selfridges about a month ago, I picked up the travel size just to give it a try and I was more than pleasantly surprised, the primer itself is designed to fill In pours for a flawless finish, hence the name optical illusion!

The consistency of the product is quite thick I feel that I need two and a bit pumps of it for a even coverage over my face, but gods honest truth my make up has never stayed so well, I don’t know if its the thick creamy consistency of the product or its just a primer sent from god but I absolutely love it and I would 100% invest in the full size product, so if your looking to give someone a gift of flawless skin this Christmas Urban Decays Optical Illusion Primer  is the one and the travel size is only £12.60 and mine is only half way finished and I’ve had it for a month now so I feel it was defiantly worth every penny!


Lush Sleepy Cream


Do you know someone who has trouble catching some Zzz? I know plenty of people who do, I thinks its quite common now days for people to be awake way past their bed time tossing and turning over the days events or just day to day stresses, and I am defiantly one of these people, until I tried Lush’s Sleepy cream and don’t get me wrong in not going to sell you the dream and tell you, you instantly fall asleep as soon as its applied and yes some nights I feel like absolutely nothing will send me in to the land of nod, but this cream has certainty made a difference to my bed time routine, not only does it smell absolutely incredible but the blend of Lavender, almond oil and onatflower is just what you need to tell your body its time for sleep.

One other thing I found with this cream is normally every year at this time of year I have such bad dermatitis my hands are so sore and so cracked its awful, and this cream is the only cream I’ve been using on my hands and my hands are as soft as a baby bottom so I can only really put it down to using this cream, my friend Heather forgot her usual body lotion on her surfing trip and only had her such sleepy cream with her for her long weekend away so she used it all over her body for the duration of the trip and she couldn’t believe how good her skin felt, so its a win win, a better nights sleep and a hydrated body and the small tub of Sleepy is only £7.95 I’ve had mine for 3 months now and that tub is still going strong, to me this is a perfect stocking filler and defiantly a thoughtful one.

Real Techniques Ready Set Glow

Im not going to start ranting about how amazing this brush collection is, but I’m sure nearly all of us own a Real Techniques brush or sponge, and I’ve never been disappointed, not only do they always look fantastic but they always help me create the look I want to achieve, they are just all round good brushes. So on my Christmas shopping spree after work on Wednesday I went into Superdrug to pick up some bits and bobs and I saw this set and Im not going to lie the price tag caught my attention first, £7.99.. Im sorry? £7.99? I thought it must of been some mistake but oh no my friends it is in fact seven pounds and ninety nine pence, so just like all the other women walking around Superdrug we were all carrying them around some where caring two or three and you can’t blame us you can get one for yourself one for a secret Santa and for family and friends, you would be silly not to grab this set while you have the chance.

The set includes

one multitasking cheek brush for blush and bronzers.

one strobing fan brush for that perfect highlight

one targeted blending brush to blend highlighting liquids and creams

And one miracle sculpting sponge to create shadows or highlight your favourite facial features.

I mean four Real Techniques tools for just £7.99 and it normally retails at £19.99 so this will make the perfect stocking filler and even the perfect present, I’m not sure how long this offer is on for but I just checked and its still going strong so I will leave the link Here happy glowing!



So…? Fragrance Gift Sets


Im a huge fan of So…? fragrance they have such a big range now there is so many to choose from, they have a fragrance for everyone, ever since they launched there new collection a few months back, I just find myself constantly going back for more, I have over 10 different fragrances on my shelf, the body sprays are perfect for keeping in your handbag for work or college or even keeping one in your gym bag, what I love about so…? is that there almost always on offer and you’ll never feel left out of pocket, at the moment quite a few of the body mists are on offer in Boots my all time favourite body mist has to be sweet pea, I aways have this in my handbag its so sweet and delicious and the scent lasts for a good amount of time, my other favourite is the Sheer illusion mist which is also £1.99 at the moment. But what with it being Christmas so…? have gone to town with their amazing gift sets Like the Sheer illusion gift set you get all three sheer illusion mists for £10 these mists are so elegant and fresh and defiantly the longer lasting ones out of all the mists in my opinion they are just that tad bit heavier in scent. Or if your looking for something more floral and light then the so..? Delights gift set is the perfect gift, with three of their best body mists for £8. So if your looking to fill the stocking of a fragrance lover or even stuck for a secret Santa, one of these so…? fragrance sets would be perfect and maybe even pick up one for yourself! after all it is Christmas!.




NYX Cosmetic Metals Eyeshadow pallet

And lastly, I know I’ve brought this up before so I won’t go on and on about how amazing I think it is because I’ve already done that before, but I just love this pallet it is a perfect everyday shadow pallet that is so beautifully pigmented and Long lasting and not to mention the colours are just perfect for this party season. And its a bargain at only £8 from Boots or online.


So there it is these are the perfect stocking fillers if your looking for a perfect secret Santa gift or stocking filler or even a little something for someone you care about this Christmas and if your anything like me even maybe a little something to pick up for yourself as a little gift to you from you!

Let me know if you have used any of these products before and leave me links if you have any stocking filler gift guides I would love to check them out and get some more Inspo for my Christmas gifts!

Stay Jolly!

Katharine Anne.


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