Wonderland Cosmetics: A Review

Wonderland Cosmetics: A Review

I am a massive lover of all things beauty, makeup, skincare you name it I’m all over it so a couple of weeks ago I was thrilled when I was contacted by Wonderland make up and was lucky enough to be sent some of their products, I was so excited to try them out because I had heard such wonderful things about them through social media.

So one day after work I arrived home to my parcel with three Wonderland products inside, I received the studio finish primer, one eyeshadow and one nail polish, I was excited the most about the primer because I’m such a lover of primers and I love finding more then one that work well for my skin, and after seeing loads of people on Wonderlands Instagram with a more then flawless finish I couldn’t wait to try it out. 

So after trying out the products for the last few weeks here is what I thought of Wonderland Makeup.




Studio Finish Primer.

Without a shadow of a doubt this was my favourite product out of the three, like I said before I love a good primer and this was certainly that, the consistency of the primer itself is very thick, but it glides so well over the face and I literally feel like its filling in every pore as it goes on and a little goes a long way with this primer I don’t feel like you need to much to get the best out of it. I find that it also drys quickly and my make up goes on so well on top of it I also found that it was a perfect fit for my skin because it is oil free theres nothing I hate more then oily primers I find that with my skin type by the end of the day my make up just becomes patchy and not that all attractive.

I would highly recomened this Primer to anyone who has oily skin or is looking for a primer to fill in all those pores and fine lines, like I said in my last blog post on how I’m loving the Urban Decay optical illusion primer and I still am but Wonderlands studio finish primer has become my day to day primer sometimes if I feel like I’m going to need that extra bit of support ill mix the both together which you can do with this primer and it mixes quite well.

And it could just be me but Im sure I see a difference in my skin especially in photos I just feel like it has just helped make my skin that bit clearer. So I would defiantly give Wonderland Make up’s Studio Finish Primer a 10/10! 



Fried Earth Eyeshadow.

I am definitely a palette sort of girl I love my palettes and don’t tend to buy single eyeshadows, mostly because I find they just break or I misplace them, but I was happy to try out a new brand so I gave it a go, and although I don’t tend to go for browny sorts of colours I did quite like this one, I started using it when I was doing a smokey eye one evening and was pleasantly surprised with the result, the eyeshadow itself was quite pigmented and blended well around the corners of my eye, it was easy to apply to my brush so I felt that all over it was actually quite a good shadow, obviously I don’t wear a smokey eye every day so I’ve only used it a few times but over the time that I have used it I haven’t had any problems and always felt that my eyes looked really good. One other thing I found was that it was long lasting I put it on for a night out and it was still on and had not budged hours later and I didnt even put too much on, this is one thing I look for in a eyeshadow if it can get me through the day/night then its a winner in my book. I give this eyeshadow a 8/10 and Wonderland have over 30  eyeshadows so there is literally something for everyone and there are a few fantastic vibrant colours that look incredible, check them out Here



Snow Nail Polish.

Now I was thrilled when I opened my Wonderland package and saw I had a white nail polish inside purely because white nails is what I’ve been rocking lately it was like they knew! so because my nails were already white and starting to get chipped I took the old white colour straight off and applied my new wonderland Snow White nail polish and I was pleasantly surprised with the colour and I only applied two coats and I was already satisfied, normally I feel like you need to apply so many coats of white nail polish to get your desired pop of colour but I only put on two and I liked it, but I did apply one more because I wanted to see what it looked like with one more and it looked amazing, so much so that I applied it to my toes straight after and I was thrilled, and after a week and a bit the colour was still going strong, so not only was the colour lovely but it was also long lasting, which lets be honest is all you want in a nail polish, I’ve been looking at the Wonderland website and I’ve got my eye on a few other colours they have so I will be trying out some of their other colours soon! I would rate this polish a 9/10 I defiantly will be using this all up in the months to come check out some of their nail colours Here


So overall I am one happy bunny with my Wonderland goodies, they are a perfect addition to my Make up bag and I will be growing that addition, the products are not ridiculously over priced and are worth the money, I am just one of these people that don’t mind paying for products I know I’m going to use and love, I’ve paid a lot more for Primers and Eyeshadows that have promised the world and not delivered. 

I will leave the link to Wonderlands website Here just in case you want to take a look of the whole range for yourself, I I’m itching to try there foundation next, and what makes it even better for me is know that these products are completely cruelty free and thats a big YES from me.

Let me know if you have ever tried any of Wonderlands products before and if not what would you like to try? 

I will also leave a link to their Instagram Here so you can see all of the amazing pictures of satisfied people and Celebs on their feed.

Until next time.. 


Katharine Anne. 




  1. Heather
    December 18, 2017 / 12:44 am

    I’m absolutely in love with their primer as well, I have dry skin and it helps so much and its the only primer I’m using currently!

    Heather xox || http://www.xhighlandbeauty.co.uk

    • katharine
      December 29, 2017 / 10:35 pm

      I love it! vi also feel like its lasting me such a long time, I would deffo get it again. xx

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