Stepping Into 2018: Taking A Look Back At 2017

Stepping Into 2018: Taking A Look Back At 2017

2017.. what a ride its been and a quick one at that, I feel like last year just flew by and before I knew it I was planing Christmas and eating my weight in cheese all over again, but 2017 has been a year of growth for me in more reasons then one I feel like I’ve become a slightly better person, not that I was ever a bad person but I’ve come to realise so many things this year I’ve grown I’ve opened myself up and accepted myself for my flaws and insecurities and I’m content with who I am, and it may sound cliche but I put it down to stepping out of my comfort zone, I’ve done things in 2017 that I never thought I would be able to accomplish I grabbed the bull by the horn and done things I’ve wanted to do for so long and now I feel great about it, I put doing the things I wanted to do off for so long because I was frightened and I’m telling you now once you do these things that you have only been dreaming of you start to feel amazing about yourself, you feel more in control and better then that you feel proud of YOURSLEF and that is my biggest accomplishment of 2017, but heres a little recap of my best moments this year and moments I will never ever forget.





Stepping Into Blogging.

This is my number one accomplishment of 2017, for years I wanted to venture into blogging and creating online content and I always backed out, so many times I sat down and started creating ideas and brainstorming and I never went through with it, Why? because I thought I wouldn’t be good enough and I thought I would be taken for a joke, people would roll there eyes and feel sorry for me and a lot of people I knew would of thought it was for attention or I was trying to hard to be something I wasnt and I just could handle the embarrassment. And then one day I thought fuck it im doing something because its my passion and if my friends can’t come to terms that I’m actually doing it because I enjoy it and are saying these horrible things behind my back then they were never my friends in the first place and I don’t want them in my life, so I done it!! after countless hours sitting at my desk creating my blog and countless hours of brainstorming content I done it my blog went live, and I may of only had 5 people reading my blog for the first few months but I didn’t care, even if one person was reading my posts they were reading something I had created my thoughts typed out on to my computer someone else was reading it and I was beyond proud of myself.

As soon as I started blogging amazing things began to happen and it was almost like it was a sign that I was doing the right thing, not long after I started my blog I started going to events of course they were not events I was invited to they were paid events but I started to meet the most amazing like minded people and I was so greatful, I started going to these events and the energy in the room was incredible, I felt so overwhelmed I was actually speaking face to face with People who had the same passion and ambition as me and being able to hear about other peoples stories and swap ideas and passions with these people was one of the best feelings ever, I remember going to my first event and I was so nervous but I really had nothing to be nervous about they were all so lovely and kind, and I actually met one of my now good blogging pals Heather at this particular event so I’m so happy I went. 





I love Portugal its become on of my favourite country’s to visit, its so beautiful and the people are so friendly I normally get so nervous when going abroad its just how my anxiety likes to behave, but I never feel like that when I’m in Portugal, so me and my fiancé went back last year and the second time round was just as good as the first, there is just something about holidays that instantly realise stress and help you become a better thinker, I spent most of this holiday by the pool cooking up ideas for my blog and trying to take as many instagramable photos as possible, but the thing I love about holidays the most is spending time with my fiancé, we don’t live together yet so these weeks away really mean a lot, we have been together for such a long time now that we are desperate to live together its just trying to save to live in London isn’t the easiest thing to do, so spending a week lazing around, eating and drinking and just being together is so special and trips like this I will always carry close to my heart, I cant wait to see what trips 2018 is going to bring we have nothing planned as of yet but I know it won’t be long until we are sat planning the next one.


I Spent My 23rd Birthday In Rome!

When my fiancé surprised me with a trip to Rome for my birthday I was beyond excited, I couldn’t believe I was going to get to visit one of the most romanic places in the world with the person I love the most and also Rome is in Italy and Italian food is my favourite I could eat pasta all day every day so I was in my element. The whole trip was so perfect, the hotel was lovely we got a lovely spacious room with he biggest balcony I had ever seen that looked down onto a little strip of restaurants it was so nice to go out there in the morning and see loads of people sitting and eating breakfast and having conversations, every morning I would open the balcony doors and even at 8am it was 28 degrees! I think the only down side to this trip would have to be that it was incredibly hot, I mean don’t get me wrong I love the heat but with that kind of heat I would prefer to be by a pool or at the beach, but when your walking around a city and trying to sight see I was getting a very severe case of chub rub.. we were sweating constantly but on the up side we got to enjoy tons of Italian gelato and oh my god was It good even the thought of it now makes me salivate, and the funny thing is I hardly ever eat ice cream at home in London but in Italy its a whole different board game.

Wandering around the streets of Rome is breathtaking, if you let yourself get lost and just walk you come across some of the most beautiful things, we walked for hours and hours, and stoped of at some lovely little cafes and bars for drinks and sometime the odd snack, we felt we stoped more then we should of just purely because it was so hot and the outside air conditioning of these bars and cafes were a god send. Even though we were only in Rome for a few nights it was amazing every bit of every day was perfect, I think my favourite thing would have to be on my actually birthday it was our last full day there and me and my fiancé had been to a amazing restaurant and after we went for a walk and stoped and listened to some street performers and looked in a few of the shops that were still open, and then when nightfall come we went and got some gelato and sat on a wall and listened to an amazing opera singer in the middle of the square and watched the world go by and it was one of the most romantic evenings ever.




I Done The Race For Life!


Ive always wanted to do the race for life and I always backed out, I was never fit enough I always had this image I would be the one walking on my own right at the back, but this year I thought no I’m doing it, I was trying to make 2017 the year I started doing the things I kept putting off, so me and 2 other girls I work with signed up and the weeks leading up to the race I was going to the gym and training on the treadmill and I was determined to do it, we only signed up to do the 5k but it was still progress I was actually doing it. 

On the day it was the most heart touching experience, seeing all the people coming together and reading what people had wrote on their bits of paper that was stuck to their tops, the people they were running for, people and loved ones they had lost to cancer, all coming together to help beat cancer, it was like nothing else I have ever experienced. half way through the race I started to slow down its true what they say running on a treadmill and running on solid ground are very different, the two girls I signed up with left me behind! ( they are both very fit and are used to running) but I quick walked then ran a little and kept changing it up. but you know what I done it! I done the race for life the thing that I had been putting off for years and even though I didn’t run the whole way it felt so good regardless! 



I Worked With Some Great Brands

When I thew myself into the blogosphere I never thought I would ever be able to work with brands so soon I was so overwhelmed that it even happened at all, I never started blogging for “free stuff” thats not what its about if you get into blogging to get things for free and not doing it because you love I, it will show in your work. I blog because I love doing it I love writing about things I feel passionate about and I love meeting new people and I love photography so I threw that all together and created something I love, so when I was actually contacted by brands it was such an amazing feeling, I’ve been able to review some lovely products from perfumes and make up to socks and tights and I’m forever grateful i love trying out new products and then writing my view on them, and if I do love the product I will let everyone know, I’m a big believer in never promoting anything that you don’t like nor believe in and I never would, I would always tell the company that as well, I don’t like false advertising I don’t think its fair to tell your following that something is incredible and works miracles or smells amazing and it turns out to be the complete opposite people will loose faith in you and will no longer trust your opinion and to me that just isn’t worth lying about just for the sake of getting something for free. So thank you to all the amazing brands that reached out to me in 2017 it will never be forgotten and will always be appreciated. 


I Got My First Professional Camera

Taking pictures is a big part of blogging I find myself taking pictures all the time even if they never end up on my blog or social accounts I get so much enjoyment out of it so going from taking pictures on my iPhone to getting an actual incredible professional camera was like a dream come true, I had wanted an Olympus camera for a long time, I was always so envious of other bloggers that already had one their pictures always looked incredible and I was determined to get one, so one month I decided that was it I’m not going to put it off anymore I’m just going to do it! so what if I blow half my wages in one month I have wanted this camera for ages and I’m going to get it and please bare in mind I know how irresponsible this is I don’t think I actually would of done this, I probably would of split it between two or three months and put some money aside for it, I would of saved for this camera but it seemed like something was always stopping me, life gets in the way and so do bills and other responsibilities and It always got pushed back, And then one day I got in the car with my boyfriend and we pulled up in front of a Curry PC world and confused I asked what we was doing there and he told me we was there to get my camera for my birthday….. well I almost screamed I was so overwhelmed with excitement it was indescribable, so we walked in and got my EPL-8 and I have been in love ever since.

A few months ago I decided to buy myself the 45mm lens, I loved the pictures it was able to create I love the portrait style pictures so I went back to the same Currys Pc world and I picked one up with a pretty good discount only because they only had one left and it was a old display model and didn’t have the lens cap but I didn’t care to much only because I knew it wouldn’t be that difficult to get a lens cap and I think I only paid £139 instead of nearly £200 so I was over the moon I had my lens and I saved over £50, my Olympus and lens are defiantly the best purchases of 2017.

I Took Some Amazing Photos 


Of course this was down to my new camera, it was strange it was like as soon as I got it I felt like I was instantly taking better pictures, and I know its a amazing camera so of course it takes great photos, but I look back on pictures I was taking on my iPhone compared to the pictures I take now and the diffrence is incredible! I’m so so happy with the progress I’ve made this year with my photos, there still not what I would say incredible but its a learning curve and I’m enjoying the journey, some pictures will be better then others and other peoples pictures will be better then mine, but I’m so proud of myself for the accomplishments Ive made this year and my photography skills are defiantly one. Ive even started taking pictures of myself! which normally I would never ever do unless it was with a cute little dog snapchat filter stuck on it, but I started playing around with the hands free feature on my camera stuck it on my tripod and the rest is history! now I actually enjoy taking photos of myself and the plus side about doing it yourself on the hands free feature is that you feel more in control, I just link my phone to the cameras wifi and use the Olympus app and click the live feature and I can see whatever my camera is seeing through my phone and then I can see if I’m getting the right angle and the right lighting then just snap away. Im looking forward to taking a lot more photos this year, I’ve got a phototography course coming up soon so I cant wait to get stuck in and make 2018 the year to up my photography game!. 


2018 Goals

Now that the new year really has arrived I’m looking forward to making this year even more incredible then last, I learnt so much last year and when you really get to take a second to sit and think about what you truly achieved its amazing feeling of accomplishment, This year I want to start saying Yes more I feel like a lot of the time I talk myself out of things and really let my anxiety get the best of me but this year I want to try and start taking control of my anxiety a bit more each year I feel like I’m taking a step in the right direction and I’m getting better and better the more that time goes by but I still let it stop me from doing certain things so this year I’m going to try and get myself to say yes, obviously within reason I’m not going to start jumping out of airplanes or anything like that! lets take it one step at a time. 

I also want to start taking more time for my blog I feel like in the last few months I didn’t write as much as I wanted to, I work long hours and when I do get hone in completely slumped and I cant even watch Tv for 5 minutes without falling asleep never mind write for a few hours, but now I’m back to having 2 days off a week instead of just one I’m going to dedicate my Mondays off to blog posts and pictures I really want to take my blog to the next level over 2018 but I’m taking baby steps to get myself into a flow, I’m starting this year with a good mindset and my goals are in mind and I’m just excited to see what this year has in store!

Lastly I just want to be happy and have fun, I have some amazing plans this year with friends and family and I’m looking forward to enjoying ever moment of it, I also am strongly considering starting my youtube Chanel this year its something I have been putting off for about 3 years now and I think I’m finally ready, I have so many videos on my laptop that I’ve filmed edited and just never uploaded because I was just to nervous and frightened but starting 2018 I feel like I’m ready and I hope that I can share some of these amazing experiences of 2018 with you not only through my blog but through vlogs and video content to!

So I do believe this post has been far too long so I’m just going to finish up here, but I wish you all the most magical 2018 I hope this is the year where all you dreams come true and you are doing something this year thats going to make it unforgettable!

Happy new year lovely’s 


Katharine Anne.  



  1. January 5, 2018 / 11:03 pm

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying blogging! I also found it really nerve-wracking and I still cringe up a bit when family and friends ask me about it, but at the end of the day I’m proud of what I’ve created with my blog and you should be too! Good luck with your 2018 goals ☺️

    • katharine
      January 9, 2018 / 1:15 pm

      Same here!! sometimes I still find myself tensing up when people ask about it but it gets to be a better feeling each time because it is something you should be proud of. Thank you so much lovely and I hope you have the most wonderful 2018! Xxx

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