Bakerdays LetterBox Cake Review AND Giveaway!

Bakerdays LetterBox Cake Review AND Giveaway!

Just Before Christmas I had a lovely email from Emma over at Bakerdays, and they wanted me to try and review one of their cakes, obviously I was over the moon not only because hello its cake! but because they wanted to design a cake bespoke for my blog and I was so excited, I would of been happy with any kind of cake but having one made for my blog was such a lovely feeling. So before I get carried away let me tell you a bit about Bakerdays.


Bakerdays obviously specialise in cake they create anything from small celebration cakes two huge birthday cakes and even cupcakes. Their smallest cakes are the letter box cakes which is what there well known for and yes it actually does fit through a letterbox. It’s just the perfect gift to give or to send.

If you order a celebration cake with Bakerdays you will also be offered the chance to order some additional items too such as helium balloons and candles for your special cake.

The team at Bakerdays are super friendly and so lovely to speak to, if you wanted to ask them any questions before ordering your cake they will be more then helpful, it makes the cake that bit more special knowing that the people making your tasty treat are a lovely bunch of people.

Bakerdays also offer a wide range of flavours and special cakes for those with dietary requirements such as:

  • Traditional Sponge
  • Lovely Lemon Drizzle
  • Half Chocolate Half Sponge
  • Dairy Free Sponge
  • Gluten Wheat Free Sponge
  • Rich Chocolate Chip


When it came to choosing the flavour of my cake I didn’t even hesitate, I obviously went for Rich chocolate chip! Ive never been a fan of traditional sponge cake, and to be honest I’m not the biggest cake eater I rarely ever eat cake unless its a special occasion such as a birthday or a wedding I’m more of a savoury sort of person then a sweet but I was looking forward to receiving this cake and sharing it with a cup of tea with my mum.


So on the 4th of January I received my cake as promised straight through my letterbox it came beautifully packaged in a special cake tin that reads mmm cake, and a cute little card thats reads enjoy! when I first opened the tin my mouth must of dropped open because I knew they were going to create something based off my blog but I was still shocked it was so beautiful, its the cutest little cake perfect for 4 slices and It just had my blog logo at the top in the same font and writing as my logo and then they even printed a picture of me on to the cake, it was just the sweetest thing, I was just so touched they had gone out of their way to do that for me.


As I pulled the tab to lift the cake out of the tin I lifted it up gently and I was pleasantly surprised of how moist it was, even thought the top of the cake is all icing if I poked the cake I could feel how moist it must of been inside, sometimes I find that cakes with hard icing on top can sometimes be a bit dry inside, so I hadn’t even tasted the cake yet and I was already over the moon.

So of course like any blogger would before I dived head first into the cake I need to take pictures! so I took the cake out of all its wrapping and placed it down carefully and started snapping away while the smell of the cake tortured me drifting under my nose, but I tried to look at it as if I was going to be rewarding myself for doing a good job!




So after many many pictures later I was done! and I could finally tuck into my cake! it was already all cut and ready from the pictures I was taking so I didn’t waste anymore time and I got stuck straight in. And OMG it really is the moistest cake I’ve ever had even the icing on top is soft and if you are a chocolate lover then the rich chocolate chip cake is for you, it is so chocolatey it will kick any chocolate craving you had for a week, its absolutely delicious and like I said I’m not the biggest cake lover but this was something else!

What I think made it even better was that I had been in bed all week nursing away a terrible flu and for the first 5 days of my flu I couldn’t even eat so I hadn’t actually had anything sweet all week so this cake defiantly put my sugar levels back up!.

I would highly recommend Bakerdays for your next Birthday or Celebration cake they are a fantastic team with affordable cakes that not only look great but taste amazing! and they always deliver next day.

And because the team at Bakerdays are so great they are letting me host a giveaway so YOU can be in with the chance to win your very own letter box cake straight to your door!

Want to win?

All you have to do is head over to my Instagram or Twitter and follow the instructions to be in with a chance to win, Giveaway ends on Friday the 26th of January and is a UK only run competition. GOOD LUCK!


Until next time lovely’s..



  1. January 12, 2018 / 6:24 am

    yes yes YES rich chocolate chip all the way, baby! i’d definitely have gone for that one too, is there’s anything better?!

    these cakes are so gorgeous and would be so perfect for a special occasion. i might buy one for my friend’s birthday next month and stick one of her ugly snapchat photos on it haha

    katie. xx

    • katharine
      January 12, 2018 / 7:24 pm

      Haha!! they are delicious, I would deffo get one for a special occasion they have such good attention to detail! enter the give away on my Instagram or twitter you never know you might get lucky!! Xxx

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