How I Keep My Hair In Good Condition

How I Keep My Hair In Good Condition

Lately I’ve been reciving so many comments and questions about my hair, lots of you keep commenting on how nice it is and while I’m obviously so grateful I wouldn’t want to sit here and accept all these lovely comments without letting you all know the absolute truth.





A lot of you that have been following me or reading my blog for a while will probably know this just purely for the fact that last year April time it was short and now its about 18inches long and although I wish my hair grew that quick its not the case. So Last year around November time I decided to have my extensions put back in purely because coming up to the festive season I wanted to feel glamorous and not have to feel self conscious about my hair, after I messed my hair up a few years back through over bleaching and heat damage I decided to take a break from everything! extensions, colour, heat the lot but I’ve always been self conscious when it comes to my hair I just don’t feel me when its short and I like it for a while but long hair always makes me feel more confident, so at the end of November I decided to get my long hair back and it was as if I became that little bit more confident and had that spring in my step again.

But I’m not going to lie the up keep of having long hair can be difficult, especially when its not your own trying to look after hair that isn’t yours can be time consuming! but because I have had such a rubbish experience in the past with my hair I do everything I can now to make sure that it never happens again. So no matter if you have extensions or you’re all naturel I wanted to write this post to  pass on a few tips that you can add to your haircare routine to keep it looking silky and shiny all year round.



I don’t think I will ever be able to stress enough of how important heat protector is and I know so many people that just don’t use it, and I get it I’ve been there and it doesn’t really cross your mind and still till this day I might get half way through curling my hair to then realise crap! I forgot to put it on but I try my hardest never to forget, and I know that it can seem like how the hell is a few sprays of that going to help? but believe me when I say it does! I’ve noticed such a big difference in my hair since I started using it, its never as dry anymore and it doesn’t look frazzled like it did last year I will leave the link to the one that I use Here its only £7.99 but it has lasted me ages! and it smells Devine! Remember guys a few sprays a day keeps the dryness away..


 Masks And Serums

I’ve always been a big believer in hair serums, ever since I started working in salons from the age of 16 I’ve always had a serum on my shelf and I’ve tried a lot of serums from the expensive to the drug store bought ones, and I’ve come across some good ones over the years but about 5 months ago I decided to give the OGX renewing Moroccan argan oil a go, I was on a budget and needed something.. and I was so shocked of how good it was, it smells incredible and the bottle that I bought 5 months ago is just about running out so for £6.99 thats really good going for the price. 

So after shampooing my hair I squeeze all the excess water out and give my hair a quick towel dry, and then I apply a good dollop of the John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Mask and I make sure it is all spread evenly on my mid lengths and ends and then give it a good brush through with my Tangle Tamer I swear by these brushes I used to use the tangle teasers for years and then I found out about the tangle tamers from work and they are exactly the same brand but instead of looking more like a beetle it looks like a proper brush and I feel like its a lot easier to use on wet hair, the tangle teasers used to always slip out my hands when wet. Once the mask is all brushed through I leave it on my hair for a good 10-15 minutes, this just gives it enough time to really soak in I normally read through some things on my phone or just sit back and relax until its ready to wash off, and one of the good things about brushing your mask/conditioner in is that you’re really penetrating the hair, when you just throw it on only using your hands your only really getting to the top of the hair but none of the hair inbetween is getting a look in of all that nourishing goodness, so this is why I always enter the shower/bath brush in hand!.

After the 10-15 minutes I give my hair a good rinse to make sure all the mask is gone ( other wise you might find your hair is going to get oily a lot quicker then you would like) Once out the shower now comes to the drying, this can be time consuming when you have extensions because its like 2x more hair you have to dry, so before drying I give my hair a good towel dry and before brushing I apply some of the OGX argan oil and I also add a little bit of No more messy break ups split end cream by Umberto Giannini, I got this in a birch box a few months back and it is actually really good! if your anything like me and have quite dry hair or are trying to tame them split ends then I would highly recommend this cream. 

So I take about a 20p size dollop of both in the palm of my hand and rub them together, then I just evenly apply them to my hair making sure to avoid the root and make sure my ends are getting more of the attention! then its time for a good brush through I never start drying my hair before I’ve brushed it through and this just saves so much time and hassle because if I don’t and I start drying before brushing the knots come out in full force. And once my hair is dry and I just smooth it over a little bit with a round brush, then I will just run a tiny bit of the argan oil through my mid lengths and ends and this just keeps it looks sleek and silky!

Tie Up Before You Nod Off

This is actually something I never used to do and in the past when I had extensions I always used to sleep with my hair loose and I always used to wake up to a wild mess and would be so painful to brush, and I should of know better since I actually work in a hair extension industry but I was young and didn’t listen and learnt the hard way because my colleges would always be telling me off when my bonds were all knotted together!

But this trick isn’t just for people that have hair extensions, if you have mid length to long hair this might come in use for you, So every night before bed before I start removing my make up and applying my lotions and potions I put my hair in pigtails, yep you read that right! just two pony tails on either side of my head and I guess you could just put your hair in a normal pony tail but I find it is a lot easier to handle in the morning when my hair has been split into two. And sometimes if I’m feeling like it before bed I will make two plats on either side either a typical plat or a fishtail plat ( the tighter the better!) and then in the morning when you take it out you have lovely beach worthy locks. Another added bonus you’re not using any heat to create this look! no straighteners no curlers so your also giving your hair a break from the heat! its like your cooking up a hairstyle for the following day while you sleep!  so you’re even saving time for the next morning before work/collage even more time for you to grab that coffee on the way there!

If you have quite naturally wavy/curly hair you might not need to do this but for someone like me with naturally straight hair I like to add some beach spray to my wavy locks just to give it that bit more oomph and a bit more texture so I just add a few sprays of the L’Oral Professionnel Tecni ART beach waves spray this is one of my ultimate favourite styling products it gives the easiest beach look even to minimal waves and just gives it such a great look and it also smells great so thats a bonus!

So there you have it! These are a few of my top tips to keep your hair in tip top sleek condition! A lot of the products I’ve included in this post are super affordable and you can get from most drug stores/ local salons.

If theres one thing I would love to go back and tell myself 2 years ago it would be don’t skimp on protecting your hair, its honestly so important and I’m saying this coming from a place of experience, even if you spend £20-£40 getting some new hair care products most of these should last you up to 3-5 months and thats honestly worth it.

Have you got any hair care products or routines you have to keep your hair looking fantastic? if so let me know in the comments below.

Catch you later lovely’s.




  1. January 24, 2018 / 9:52 pm

    I love this. Really helpful hints too.
    Your hair does look fabulous too. X

    • katharine
      January 24, 2018 / 10:24 pm

      Thank you so much!! xxx

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