My Top 5 Beauty Products I Couldn’t Live Without.

My Top 5 Beauty Products I Couldn’t Live Without.

I am a bit of beauty enthusiast ill have you know, I love being daring enough to try all different types of concoctions on my skin, even though it doesnt always thank me for it.. breakouts come back to remind me I have made a very big mistake, and also my mother is there to do that for me, she is constantly begging me not to put that ” crap ” as she calls it on my face, she will always tell me I have beautiful skin and im only going to ruin it with the amount I put on it, what with the “all the make up I wear” my mother ladies and gentlemen she really is a gem.

And over the years yes I have come to realize that certain products just don’t work for me and of course, everyone’s skin is different and different things work for different people, I find quite heavy products tend to break me out in all sorts of underskin spots that make a very good job at popping out even when I have my foundation on by the pump load. I will be honest though I’m lucky when it comes to my skin, I have never suffered from bad skin and I’m very grateful for that.  I have friends and family that have an ongoing battle with their skin and it really does get them down. And I recently read Laurens post over at and her blog post all about how she battled with her skin from a young age and she really is incredible and so brave I only know from friends and family’s experiences of how your skin can make you feel, But Laurens post talks all about how she started to embrace her skin and how shes learned to deal with it and for that my girl I think you are absolutely positively incredible.

But if there is one thing I know for sure about my skin is that it is most definitely OILY the kind of skin that without the right products can leave my foundation slowly making its way down my face by 5 pm, and do you know what else nice oily skin leads to? BLACKHEADS Yup nice sized potato looking blackheads and this is an issue I’ve had since I was in the young stages of secondary school I was actually made fun of quite often for the number of blackheads I would have formulating on my chinny chin chin, and no matter how badly I would try to squeeze them out or cover them up with my Maybelline matte mouse foundation they were still quite obvious.  But as I got older and hormones went up and down they seemed to slowly get better, because just like my mother told me “it’s just a phase” just like the phase where I went home one day after school and shaved my arms because a boy in my class asked me why I had such hairy arms for a girl? and yup I’m still regretting that.

But oh so surely them blackheads came creeping back and still to this day my problem area is my chin and my nose, I’ve had face steamers all the Clearasil products you can think of and nothing really worked, although the steamer made it easier to get blackheads out.. maybe I should invest in a face steamer again…  But over the last year I’ve really been investing in better products for my face better makeup and better skincare products, and although sometimes the most expensive isn’t always whats best for your skin and I truly believe that but, I have found there are a few products that have a bit more of a price tag but work well for my skin and there are some products that have a bit of more affordable price tag and they are incredible also. So I think I’ve rambled on enough now I think this might be the biggest intro to a blog post ever, and if your still here thank you and well done, I’m like this as a person once I start you cant really shut me up, ill stop now.



Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.


Liz Earle is a product I had always wanted to try but I never did because I always assumed that it would come with a price to pay, that shooting pain that goes through my chest when I look at my bank balance. But when I went to Boots a few months back I saw they had a deal where you got the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser with 2 cloths and a cute little zip bag and it was only £16 I thought I must have been mistaken because that couldn’t be possible, so I took it to the till and waited for the man to scan it thinking he would tell me it was £40 and I would have to do that embarresing thing where you say oh it was marked down and something diffrent nevermind ill just put it back haha.. But I will have you know it was indeed £16 and I felt like a grown-up I had my first ever Liz Erle product whos a blogger now huh?

The product itself is really simple to use you just put two pumps in your hand and work it into a clean dry face and neck and rub it all over untill its nice and sunk in, and then run your little Liz Earle Hot cloth under warm water and wipe the product away, and once washed off just splash your face with some cold water to close your pores, its that simple and even after the first couple of times I used it I was suprised as to how smooth my skin felt and it was only last week I noticed that my blackheads  and underskin spots on my chin have cleared up quite a bit and touch wood I havent seemed to of had any extra breakouts anywhere eles on my face so I deffantly want to test out some more Liz Earle products. But this one I would highly recommend.


Garnier Micellar Water Oil Infused.

In recent years I have become a big believer in ditching face wipes I used to use them every night before bed without fail I didn’t have a skincare routine that was it, and obviously I washed my face but no cleaners no toners I wiped away not really thinking anything of it until I heard something that’s stuck in my head ever since

” Face wipes are for fanny’s not faces”

and it’s a good point you are only really wiping away the surface, the makeup that’s sitting on top but what about whats underneath? the makeup that’s been sitting on your face all day is now in your pores and believe me, that face wipe isn’t getting it out. And I always thought that the micellar water wasn’t that much better than a face wipe but apparently it is.. that is of course that you cleanse and exfoliate your face after.

I just love the way the micellar water makes my skin feel compared to using a face wipe I actually feel like my face is clean after I have used it and I don’t feel like I have to rub vigorously at my face to get it all to come off. its simple, easy and quick and the big bottle actually lasts quite a long time, lets put it this way it will last longer than the cotton wool pads you buy to take it off with. You can get loads of different types of micellar water at Boots to suit your skin type. You can get ones for delicate skin and eyes, sensitive skin and combonation skin, I personally use the Oil infused one because it works best for my skin the crazy thing is I bought this one by mistake one day because I was rushing and when I got home was so upset because i though my oily skin and an oil infused makeup remover might not be such a good idea but I used it anyway and it hasnt made any diffrent to my skin what so ever maybe because I do wash my face with water and a flanel after ive finished my skincare routine so maybe im rubbing all the oil off? I don’t know but all I know it if you are using face wipes next time you’re shopping take a look at the Garnier Micellar water and even if you’re unsure try the travel sized ones they are only £1 and see what you think.


Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray


The setting spray I have always wanted. I bought this last month for the first time after hearing and seeing it everywhere and people only had good things to say about it so I went into Urban Decay on Carnaby street and I bought it, and I absolutely love it, My make up is stuck to my face and even through all this horrible weather we have been having in London over the past couple of weeks my make up has stayed firmly on my face, come rain or come wind and its even managed to survive my oily skin! win-win! Because the formula they created all-nighter with was made with heat control technology and it actually cools the temperature of your make up so no matter if you’re like me and walking to work in the wind and rain every day or chilling by the pool in Barbados your makeup is there to stay! The only thing I would say about the All Nighter setting spray is that it has a bit of a strange smell, and obviously I didn’t buy it for it to smell nice but it has a smell that is quite strange my friend Heather even said she thought it smelt like a big mac.. and I kind of get what she means.. maybe it’s just us.


Nivea Rose & Argan Oil Body Lotion

This is probably the only product I have ever bought that my mum has run out and bought straight after if you’ve never smelt this lotion before then please do your self a favor and smell it! it is literally the best body lotion I’ve ever used it makes your skin feel amazing and it does smell a little like roses but it has a unique smell and I just love it. I have made a habit now of using it every evening on my body and every time I have a bath/shower. I now have one for myself in my Bedroom and my mum has one in her bedroom, in the kitchen and yes we have one spare in our bathroom cupboard, my mother is a very dedicated woman.


Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation 

Oh here I come again shoving another Urban Decay product down your throat but what can I say I must take after my mother I’m dedicated ok. I won’t bore you with the oily skin stuff again but obviously, this makes foundation tricky, sometimes they can just not be compatible with my skin and will literally melt away, no kidding. But because I got a very generous gift card from my fiance for Christmas I went nuts and thought there was no better time to finally try an Urban Decay foundation and I wasn’t wrong.

I love it so much the coverage is absolutely insane, and I don’t even need to use more than a pump and a bit to get full coverage, its literally the best and this foundation topped off with the all nighter spray is just well I would say amazing or incredible but I feel like I overuse these words so lets just say its worth the money. I’ve had this foundation since December 27th and it is now February 26th and I’ve used it every day and it still got over a 1/4 of a bottle left and I feel like that’s amazing because when I used to buy NYX foundations I would be buying them once a month. So if you feel like treating yourself this coming payday and you feel like you need a new foundation in your life go and have a look at the All Nighter Foundation and yes they are £29.50 but lets say you were like me and was spending nearly £15 every month for foundation in 2 months that’s £30 and this All nighter has lasted me that and more so its so worth it.



So there you have it that’s the five beauty products that I’m absolutely loving right now, not all of them have a big price tag, and even the few that cost a bit more are worth the price in the long run. What products are you loving right now? anything from a cleanser to a foundation let me know in the comments I would love to hear your recommendations.

Until next time lovely’s.








  1. June 1, 2018 / 12:19 pm

    I love the Garnier Micellar Waters they’re such a dream to use. I’ve heard good things about the other things on the list but never tried them! I love my naked palette and Hoola bronzer is one of my favourites!

    Molly xo

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