Channeling My Inner Sass | Why Im Obsessed With Leopard Print.

Channeling My Inner Sass | Why Im Obsessed With Leopard Print.

In the last year or so I will be the first to say that I have really stepped out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion, usually you would of never caught me wearing anything that wasn’t as simple as humanly possible or just dressed from head to toe in black because that’s what I felt comfortable in and not that there is anything wrong with that in the slightest but i always wished that i felt more comfortable in things that were a bit more “out there” because I would always see bits and bobs while out shopping that I absolutely fell in love with but when it came to imagining myself in that item of clothing I would just walk away from it because it just made me feel stupid to ever think I could pull something like that off. 

But after following so many amazing accounts on Instagram and Youtube of all these amazing outfits and hauls and how even though these women looked incredible they were still having doubts about how they would or did look in the outfit they were wearing or purchased, that’s when I decided to venture out more with my style, because if they could do it why couldn’t I do it? 

If anything I feel like a owe a lot to the blogging and youtube community because its basically moulded me into the person I’ve become in the last year, I have seriously become so much more confident and comfortable with myself, having a platform to share my thoughts and style and having such amazing feedback from people about my outfits, hair, and style has been such an amazing feeling that I never thought I would ever feel.

I used to be so self-conscious if I wore something that was even the slightest bit unusual compared to my friends and family and if one person even made the slightest sarky comment or said something about my outfit that wasn’t positive you can bet your bottom dollar I would of probably never of worn it again. 

But at the beginning of the year I started to venture out a bit more, slowly but surely I was gaining my own style, I started to wear things and style things the way I wanted to because I wanted to feel good, I wanted my own identity when it came to what I wore, and I noticed as time went on I was becoming more confident in myself, I felt good when I looked in the mirror and I was happy when I looked in the mirror.

So a few months ago leopard print was popping up everywhere I looked, on my Instagram feed, on clothing websites and even on the street it just seemed to be everywhere! And I wanted a piece of the action, leopard print was in a few years back and I loved it but like I said I just wasn’t comfortable enough to wear it, but this time I thought screw it I like it so I’m going to wear it. My first purchase was from ISawItFirst and it was a silk leopard print shirt and I just loved it, I was styling it with jeans and a belt and I just felt all kinds of sass, there is just something about leopard print and how it makes you feel when you wear it, and I know that might sound crazy but if you have ever worn something that just makes you feel great then you know what I’m talking about, don’t get me wrong when I first stepped out that day I was literally thinking to myself at every possible second, do i look ridiculous? is this just too much? for one my mum absolutely hates animal print so straight away she wasn’t a fan and that just didn’t help with my indecisive thoughts whatsoever, but I thought to screw it. And that whole day that I spent with my fiance I was constantly asking him to take photos of me! i wanted to capture this moment of bravery! and to my surprise, once I had uploaded a picture to Instagram I had loads of lovely comments about my shirt and then I realized it’s not about what you are wearing it’s about how you’re wearing it. You can style yourself in absolutely anything you want to and if it makes you feel good you will look good.


That was a few months back and since then I really have branched out with my style and it has included a lot more leopard print pieces, I think I’ve basically bought everything New look was offering when it came to leopard print, because I knew it was a style that made me feel good so I wanted to own it all. In the last couple of weeks I have picked up another leopard print shit and a dress and I am absolutely in love with them and I will continue to wear them until the cows come home because I simply cannot get enough.

The whole point of this blog post was not to tell you all how amazing I feel in my new found style or how much I’m drooling over Leopard print right now ( Even though I have mentioned it a couple of times ) but it was to share with you on how important it is to find confidence in the style you want to own, beauty shines from within and if you can bring that confidence forward and make what you wear your own you will look great no matter what you wear. Another thing I have learned this year if anything is that not everyone is going to like your style, you might not get people sliding into your DMs about you new top or the outfit you spent 30 minutes planing or putting together, but if you stepped out of your house feeling a million bucks then you don’t need tons of comments or likes to make you feel great you just need to feel great about yourself. 

Don’t look for validation from everyone else, someone might not like your style but that’s ok, you might not like there’s either and that’s ok too. 

There is no one else like you, so be yourself be your own beautiful, rock your OOTD and don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks. BE YOU and the rest will fall into place. 




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