The Little Rose Gold Watch Of Dreams

The Little Rose Gold Watch Of Dreams

I’ve always seen watches as a perfect fashion accessory, I think they can really pull together an outfit not only that but I think they are super sophisticated and make me feel like I really have my life together, seems crazy I know but I do love me a good watch.

Last week I was kindly Gifted a watch from a company called Adexe and its the most beautiful petite rose gold watch of dreams, I’ve always wanted a simple rose gold watch and I could never find one that was simple enough, every time I found one that was even remotely close to what I wanted it was rather the wrong sort of rose gold or covered in bling or the face was too big and I just never felt like I found the “one” but now my prayers have been answered. I’ve always had very chunky watches in the past and I think I’ve outlived my chunky watch phase and I have been looking for something simple and classy for a long time.

On receiving the watch the first thing I was so pleasantly surprised with was the packaging, I’m a big fan when it comes to packaging and I feel like the packaging of a product can really tell you alot about a brand and how much they value their products as a company, I don’t know about you but having some pretty packaging to unwrap before getting to the “main event” really makes me happy. When I was emailing Adexe before I received the watch they told me that they would love to know what I thought of their new packaging as they have jazzed it up for the holiday season and my answer to that would be FANTASTIC, the colors are pretty and if I received a box like that on Christmas morning I would be very excited as to what would be inside.

The watch also comes with a pair of extra straps so if you want to give the rose gold a break or if you have an outfit to match you can just pop off the straps as you please, I was sent a brown strap as my extra but I do believe you can pick between black and brown just left them know and they will try their best to accommodate!

Each watch is designed in-house and made with hand-polished stainless steel and easily adjustable straps and have a battery life of up to 2-3 years.

Funnily enough on my way to work today, I looked down at my watch ( to see if I had time to grab a cheeky coffee before my 8.45am start) and thought what a perfect Christmas present this watch would make, because let’s face it who doesn’t love a good bit of jewelry at Christmas. What with Adexe’s watches being perfectly packaged and the watches being so stunning I think it would make for the perfect main present and if you’re looking for a cheeky little discount code ill pop that bellow. 


So there you have it folks I finally have the little rose gold watch I’ve so longed for, and hopefully now ill never miss my 7.30 bus again! and now every time I get a glimpse of my wrist in a mirror I find myself feeling quite put together and feel like I’m really “adulting” So if you’re anything like me and are always stuck on what to get a loved one for Christmas Adexe to have a wide range of men and women’s watches and for Christmas they are even offering the option of gift wrapping if once again you are like me and find yourself getting tangled up in the sellotape. And for 15% off any Adexe watch use the code KATHARINEANNE15 at the checkout. 

Until next time. (no pun intended) 




This post is in collaboration with Adexe, and this watch inserted in the pictures above was kindly Gifted to me. All veiws are my own. 


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