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Why 2019 Is The Year I Say No To New Years Resolutions.

Why 2019 Is The Year I Say No To New Years Resolutions.

Ah 2019, another year has passed us by quicker than the last and there is something a little bit daunting about entering a new year, the possibilities the things that the new year might bring us, sometimes it can feel just as much scary as it can be exciting. But the one thing I didn’t do this year make any new years resolutions, for years I’ve battled with myself trying to come up with goals to set myself for the new year thinking of what it was I needed to do more of or less of and I would always come up with a few of the same ideas, ideas like.. Trying to swear less, going on a diet, try to be more positive, and while yes things like being more positive is a good thing I just decided to stop setting myself these sorts of goals just because it was a “new year” and then beating myself up over the fact that I couldn’t go a week without falling off the wagon.

If there is one thing that really makes me cringe its the whole “new year new me” stuff I really hate that term, why are we waiting for it to be a new year for us to suddenly want to be different people? why are we trying to better our selfs only because its a new year? I’m sorry but if I want to make these resolutions i think January is the worst month to set these goals, its cold its dark and most of us are still left broke from Christmas, we have just thrown ourselves back into work after the Christmas break it can all make you feel a bit down, I like to call it the Christmas comedown.

So many times I hear people talking about how they can’t stick to their new year’s resolutions and then beat them selfs up because let’s face it whatever goal you have ever set yourself and failed it does make you feel like shit.

I actually tried to convince myself to set some and I wasn’t going to tell anyone about them because I thought at least if I failed it wouldn’t be like anyone would be judging, like when you tell someone you’re cutting out cakes and chocolate and you get caught red handing and you get the famous words “I thought you were on a diet” and then you feel like a big old fat failure.

I was going to set myself goals like writing more blog posts in 2019 because lets be honest towards the end of last year I really didn’t write that much and not because I don’t love blogging anymore but just purely based on the fact that I was absolutely exhausted, from the end of November I was working 6 days a week for 10 hours a day I was shattered and so many times I sat in front of the computer half asleep writing absolute crap and that’s when I decided I wasn’t going to write again until 2019 when I was bright eyed and bushy tailed after my Christmas holiday.

Because anything I would have written beforehand would have been just for the sake of it and that’s not what i want my blog to be about, just writng for the sake of it because I felt I had to not because I was actually enjoying what I was writing.

So I decided that I wasn’t going to set myself that new years resolution because if I do end up having a rough or tiring few weeks and don’t end up writing I wont have to beat myself up because I failed.

I think instead of the traditional new years resolution it would be a much better idea to set yourself one goal a month or even one goal a week and it could be something as simple as going to bed an hour earlier than usual, just small baby steps and these are things that are so minimal that could actually make positive changes, and they are also goals that you are not setting yourself for a whole year ahead a whole 365 days of telling yourself you can’t do this or you should be doing that. I feel like little goals over a week or a month are easier to manage and if they stick then carry them on for the next week and the week after and so on. And if one week I dont fancy setting myself a goal  and I  fancy giving my self a break “I can and I am not going to feel bad about it. 

These little goals are much more realistic and are much more likely to stick, so thats why 2019 is the year for me to set myself little goals for the week and see how i go from there, last week was too bring my own lunches to work to save me some money and I actually did it so I will be doing it for as long as I possibly can, but I am also setting myself another goal for the week ahead and that is to tell myself something I’m grateful about every morning before I get out of bed, it might sound silly but I’ve heard through the grapevine that this is supposed to set you up for a positive day ahead but we can only try and see what happens. ( see baby steps )

So my new years resolution is there is no new years resolution.

Do you like setting yourself a New years resolution? or are you more of a weekly goal setter? let me know in the comments below because I would LOVE to know.

Thanks for reading.

K x


The Little Rose Gold Watch Of Dreams

The Little Rose Gold Watch Of Dreams

I’ve always seen watches as a perfect fashion accessory, I think they can really pull together an outfit not only that but I think they are super sophisticated and make me feel like I really have my life together, seems crazy I know but I do love me a good watch.

Last week I was kindly Gifted a watch from a company called Adexe and its the most beautiful petite rose gold watch of dreams, I’ve always wanted a simple rose gold watch and I could never find one that was simple enough, every time I found one that was even remotely close to what I wanted it was rather the wrong sort of rose gold or covered in bling or the face was too big and I just never felt like I found the “one” but now my prayers have been answered. I’ve always had very chunky watches in the past and I think I’ve outlived my chunky watch phase and I have been looking for something simple and classy for a long time.

On receiving the watch the first thing I was so pleasantly surprised with was the packaging, I’m a big fan when it comes to packaging and I feel like the packaging of a product can really tell you alot about a brand and how much they value their products as a company, I don’t know about you but having some pretty packaging to unwrap before getting to the “main event” really makes me happy. When I was emailing Adexe before I received the watch they told me that they would love to know what I thought of their new packaging as they have jazzed it up for the holiday season and my answer to that would be FANTASTIC, the colors are pretty and if I received a box like that on Christmas morning I would be very excited as to what would be inside.

The watch also comes with a pair of extra straps so if you want to give the rose gold a break or if you have an outfit to match you can just pop off the straps as you please, I was sent a brown strap as my extra but I do believe you can pick between black and brown just left them know and they will try their best to accommodate!

Each watch is designed in-house and made with hand-polished stainless steel and easily adjustable straps and have a battery life of up to 2-3 years.

Funnily enough on my way to work today, I looked down at my watch ( to see if I had time to grab a cheeky coffee before my 8.45am start) and thought what a perfect Christmas present this watch would make, because let’s face it who doesn’t love a good bit of jewelry at Christmas. What with Adexe’s watches being perfectly packaged and the watches being so stunning I think it would make for the perfect main present and if you’re looking for a cheeky little discount code ill pop that bellow. 


So there you have it folks I finally have the little rose gold watch I’ve so longed for, and hopefully now ill never miss my 7.30 bus again! and now every time I get a glimpse of my wrist in a mirror I find myself feeling quite put together and feel like I’m really “adulting” So if you’re anything like me and are always stuck on what to get a loved one for Christmas Adexe to have a wide range of men and women’s watches and for Christmas they are even offering the option of gift wrapping if once again you are like me and find yourself getting tangled up in the sellotape. And for 15% off any Adexe watch use the code KATHARINEANNE15 at the checkout. 

Until next time. (no pun intended) 




This post is in collaboration with Adexe, and this watch inserted in the pictures above was kindly Gifted to me. All veiws are my own. 


What The Word Feminist Means To ME

What The Word Feminist Means To ME

Channeling My Inner Sass | Why Im Obsessed With Leopard Print.

Channeling My Inner Sass | Why Im Obsessed With Leopard Print.

In the last year or so I will be the first to say that I have really stepped out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion, usually you would of never caught me wearing anything that wasn’t as simple as humanly possible or just dressed from head to toe in black because that’s what I felt comfortable in and not that there is anything wrong with that in the slightest but i always wished that i felt more comfortable in things that were a bit more “out there” because I would always see bits and bobs while out shopping that I absolutely fell in love with but when it came to imagining myself in that item of clothing I would just walk away from it because it just made me feel stupid to ever think I could pull something like that off.

But after following so many amazing accounts on Instagram and Youtube of all these amazing outfits and hauls and how even though these women looked incredible they were still having doubts about how they would or did look in the outfit they were wearing or purchased, that’s when I decided to venture out more with my style, because if they could do it why couldn’t I do it?

If anything I feel like a owe a lot to the blogging and youtube community because its basically moulded me into the person I’ve become in the last year, I have seriously become so much more confident and comfortable with myself, having a platform to share my thoughts and style and having such amazing feedback from people about my outfits, hair, and style has been such an amazing feeling that I never thought I would ever feel.






I used to be so self-conscious if I wore something that was even the slightest bit unusual compared to my friends and family and if one person even made the slightest sarky comment or said something about my outfit that wasn’t positive you can bet your bottom dollar I would of probably never wore it again.

But at the beginning of the year I started to venture out a bit more, slowly but surely I was gaining my own style, I started to wear things and style things the way I wanted to because I wanted to feel good, I wanted my own identity when it came to what I wore, and I noticed as time went on I was becoming more confident in myself, I felt good when I looked in the mirror and I was happy when I looked in the mirror.


So a few months ago leopard print was popping up everywhere I looked, on my Instagram feed, on clothing websites and even on the street it just seemed to be everywhere! And I wanted a piece of the action, leopard print was in a few years back and I loved it but like I said I just wasn’t comfortable enough to wear it, but this time I thought screw it I like it so I’m going to wear it. My first purchase was from ISawItFirst and it was a silk leopard print shirt and I just loved it, I was styling it with jeans and a belt and I just felt all kinds of sass, there is just something about leopard print and how it makes you feel when you wear it, and I know that might sound crazy but if you have ever worn something that just makes you feel great then you know what I’m talking about.

 Don’t get me wrong when I first stepped out that day I was literally thinking to myself at every possible second, do i look ridiculous? is this just too much? for one my mum absolutely hates animal print so straight away she wasn’t a fan and that just didn’t help my indecisive thoughts whatsoever, but I thought to screw it. And that whole day that I spent with my partner I was constantly asking him to take photos of me! i wanted to capture this moment of bravery! and to my surprise, once I had uploaded a picture to Instagram I had loads of lovely comments about my shirt and then I realised it’s not about what you are wearing it’s about how you’re wearing it. You can style yourself in absolutely anything you want to and if it makes you feel good you will look good.



That was a few months back and since then I really have branched out with my style and it has included a lot more leopard print pieces, I think I’ve basically bought everything New look was offering when it came to leopard print, because I knew it was a style that made me feel good so I wanted to own it all. In the last couple of weeks I have picked up another leopard print shit and a dress and I am absolutely in love with them and I will continue to wear them until the cows come home because I simply cannot get enough.

The whole point of this blog post was not to tell you all how amazing I feel in my new found style or how much I’m drooling over Leopard print right now ( Even though I have mentioned it a couple of times ) but it was to share with you on how important it is to find confidence in the style you want to own, beauty shines from within and if you can bring that confidence forward and own what you wear you will look great no matter what you have on your back.

Another thing I have learned this year if anything is that not everyone is going to like your style, you might not get people sliding into your DMs about you new top or the outfit you spent 30 minutes planing or putting together, but if you stepped out of your house feeling a million bucks then you don’t need tons of comments or likes to make you feel great you just need to feel great about yourself.

Don’t look for validation from everyone else, someone might not like your style but that’s ok, you might not like there’s either and that’s ok too.

There is no one else like you, so be yourself be your own beautiful, rock your OOTD and don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks. BE YOU and the rest will fall into place.







Holidays are that one thing we look forward to every year that even before its booked we start mentally preparing ourselves, and I’m not even talking about the booking and choosing flights/hotels I’m talking about the mental preparation like outfits, packing and if you are a blogger/YouTuber what content you can create whilst you’re there. 

This September me and my fiance are off to Orlando. Yup DISNEY WORLD and I am beyond words can explain excited! I used to go to Florida a lot as a child and the last time I went I tagged along with my Auntie and Uncle for two weeks in a villa right in the heart of Orlando and this year will make it 6 years since I’ve been and that really has flown past. 

Growing up going to Orlando was such a magical experience and me and my family made memories I will never forget and for that I will always be grateful that I was fortunate enough to go as a child, but anyone that has been to Florida before no matter if it was when you were young or way past your teenage years you will know that its just a once in a lifetime all-around magical experience. Its hard to explain to someone who has never visited before by it really does bring out the child within you. 


So 140 days ago if I’m going to be very precise me and my fiance booked up to go to Orlando this September and I still can’t quite believe we are going, we booked up to go about 3 years back but sadly had to cancel our trip, but this year its all paid off and we are actually going! and even though I’ve been plenty of times I’m going with my fiance who has never been before and that just makes me triple excited, it’s so nice to go with someone who has never experienced the magic before and I think its safe to say I’m more excited for him then I am for myself. 


So with only 30 days to go till the big day I wanted to make a little Florida checklist that has helped us a lot while booking and after booking our holiday, and although we are not 100% set to go these little tips and tricks really helped us when preparing for our holiday of a lifetime so here it goes. 


Research research research  

When booking a big holiday like Orlando I think its super important to do your research before booking, so many travel companies offer amazing deals and every travel site is different, I looked and called so many travel agents before booking our trip because there was just so many options and hotels to pick from i spent countless time on the phone talking with different people so I could really plan our holiday right, because booking to go to Orlando isn’t like booking to go to Portugal or Spain I normally just book them holidays online and job done, but so much detail goes into booking your Florida holiday to make it special.

I think from the time we agreed that Orlando would be our big holiday of the year it then took us about 3 weeks to finally book it after we had spoke to countless travel agents and spent time online looking at reviews. in the end we decided to book our holiday with Virgin, I have flown with them in the past so they were my first option when we decided to go but I didn’t wanna pay 10x more money for the sake of an airline but in the end we ended up getting the best deal from Virgin and I’m so happy we didn’t just impulse book. 



Look at the hotel reviews before you book! 

There are so many hotels in Orlando and I’m talking 100’s you have everything from on-site park hotels to villas and motels you would literally be looking on trip adviser all day if you were to sit there and go through them all. 

A lot of the hotels in Orlando seem to be quite new or have been given a makeover since I last visited so it did take me a while to know what I was looking at when doing my research but my number one bit of advise when booking a hotel in Orlando would be to get a good location, if you are more of a Disney person your best bet would be to stay somewhere in lake Bonavista because this is the closest to the Disney parks, where if you are a more Universal type of person then maybe international drive is your best bet. International drive has so many hotels because that area is quite popular amongst tourists, they have so many restaurants just a stone throw from the hotels so you will never go hungry, and its a good location if you want to get to the parks as when I was doing my research quite a lot of the hotels in international drive offer shuttle bus service to the parks ( if you don’t have a rental car ) some you have to pay for but some are free when staying at the resort so make sure you check before booking because the free shuttle bus services come in handy when you don’t have a car. 

We decided to book a on-site hotel at Universal Studios for our trip this year purely based on the fact that its our first big holiday as a couple and we wanted to make it special so we didn’t mind paying the extra £££ when booking this holiday, sometimes you can get a good deal for the on-site park hotels but you really do need to keep your eyes peeled and just keep looking, if we were to go back again we probably wouldn’t book the on-site hotels each time as this obviously makes the price jump up compared to if you were staying on International drive so it really all depends on what sort of hotel you think will fit your needs/occasion most.



Download the Disney App


I haven’t been to Disney since I was a little girl and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am! when I went back 6 years ago I didn’t get to visit any of the Disney parks so I really can’t remember them much at all. But since booking this trip I’ve become a religious watcher of Florida vlogs and I have become more and more excited every day. 

I downloaded the Disney app a few weeks back because I found out that you could make breakfast, dinner or lunch reservations at the Disney parks quite far in advance before your trip, I’ve always wanted to do a character breakfast and booking breakfast with Winnie the Pooh was on the top of my list! so I quickly downloaded the app and got the booking, we are only in Orlando for 10 nights so I went through every day we are there and only one of the days towards the end of our holiday had one space left for breakfast at crystal palace! obviously, this must be one of the most popular breakfast attractions so I’m so happy I got to book it even if it is towards the end of our holiday! so my advice would be if your trip is coming up or you are looking to book for the future download the Disney app and get your dining reservations booked because they seem to go pretty fast and you don’t want to not get your dining experience whilst you’re there. 



Grab some merch before you fly!

Who doesn’t want to visit Disney world wearing something Disney related? hold on let me rephrase that. Who goes to Disney world without wearing something Disney related.

Buying your Disney merch at the park is something you will eventually end up doing anyway ( Hello rose gold Minnie ears) but buying ears, T-shirts and bits and bobs soon adds up as the park prices can be quite pricy so this is where Primark comes in. 

As you have probably been made aware over the last year or so Primark have gone Disney mad and I must say I am a fan, they are stocking everything Disney, from T-shirts to backpacks and PJ’s and i even saw a few weeks ago they have Minnie mouse sliders and suitcases and I just want to throw my money at them, but even though you are going to want to be buying things other then Disney merch before your holiday try and get a few bits while you’re still in the UK because you will kick yourself when you want to get a mickey mouse T-shirt in the park store that has a price tag of $29.99 when you could have got a cute Micky tee here for £8 in Primark and believe me the Disney range is CUTE AF.



Dollar Dollar bills yo.


Another thing that’s going to set you back on your Florida holiday is not only the booking the flight and hotel but the spending money, normally in the past when me and my fiance have been on holidays we just book our all inclusive holiday and just bring a bit of spending money with us in case we fancy having dinner outside the hotel one night or two and it never sets us back that much, but going to Orlando is a whole diffrent ball game my friends! 

I’m just going to come out and say it Florida is expensive! everything you do is going to cost you money, the park tickets are going to set you back quite a bit so be prepared for that no matter if you get your park tickets before you go or whilst you’re there its going to take a chunk of money to pay for them this isn’t an accurate estimate but I think for me and my fiance to get the 14 day park tickets for universal and Disney is going to set us back a good £1200 for both of us!

A lot of the time when getting your park tickets you can get 14 days for the price of 7 so it doesn’t make a difference in price when booking. This year although while we are there we are going to look into getting the yearly passes for both parks just purely because we want to go back next year and if we can get a good enough deal it will work out so much cheaper in the long run, because when we book to go back next year we will only have to pay for our flights and hotel and the park tickets will already be paid for and that will also bring down how much we have to save leading up to the holiday for spending money because our parks are already paid for.

And don’t quote me on this but when I was young my family used to get the yearly park tickets because we did use to go back quite often so when we used to get the yearly passes you also got great discounts throughout the parks on certain restaurants and stores which also makes life a lot cheaper when there because most parks stopping for lunch alone is going to set you back a good $30 each time and believe me it adds up real quick. 


so there you have it just a few tips before booking your holiday to Orlando, admittedly there isn’t a lot but these are just a couple of tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the last few months, and I will be doing another Orlando tips blog post before I go and after I return! 

I also want to film a similar tips video on my youtube channel so keep your eyes peeled! 

so let me know in the comments have you been to Orlando before? or planning to go soon? I would love to know and also if you have any tips let me know in the comment section.