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The Budget Christmas Stocking Gift Guide For Her.

The Budget Christmas Stocking Gift Guide For Her.

The run up to Christmas can be a crazy one, running around like mad people zooming in and out of shops picking up last minute bits and bobs just so we feel like we’ve actually made an effort to buy people gifts, but sometimes I find half the time I end up picking up the most random things just to build the pile up, I’m famous amongst my friends and family for always leaving my Christmas shopping till Christmas Eve which is a mistake I WILL NOT be making this year, and even to my surprise I’m already half way through my list! ( pat on the back for Katharine)


But before I ventured into the world of blogging I never had the help of fellow bloggers posting up there ideas for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers and reading through these posts has proven to be a great help! and even if they aren’t particularly the items I wold personally purchase myself I think its such s good idea, because lets face it and one point or another we are strapped for ideas and sometime we are unfortunately on a budget!

so I wanted to make a stocking filler gift guide on items I have been using over the past few months that not only I find worth every Penny, that will also help you save a few yourself!

so here goes my Christmas stocking filler gift guide 2017!



Urban Decay Optical Illusion primer


First things first, I bought this primer in Selfridges about a month ago, I picked up the travel size just to give it a try and I was more than pleasantly surprised, the primer itself is designed to fill In pours for a flawless finish, hence the name optical illusion!

The consistency of the product is quite thick I feel that I need two and a bit pumps of it for a even coverage over my face, but gods honest truth my make up has never stayed so well, I don’t know if its the thick creamy consistency of the product or its just a primer sent from god but I absolutely love it and I would 100% invest in the full size product, so if your looking to give someone a gift of flawless skin this Christmas Urban Decays Optical Illusion Primer  is the one and the travel size is only £12.60 and mine is only half way finished and I’ve had it for a month now so I feel it was defiantly worth every penny!


Lush Sleepy Cream


Do you know someone who has trouble catching some Zzz? I know plenty of people who do, I thinks its quite common now days for people to be awake way past their bed time tossing and turning over the days events or just day to day stresses, and I am defiantly one of these people, until I tried Lush’s Sleepy cream and don’t get me wrong in not going to sell you the dream and tell you, you instantly fall asleep as soon as its applied and yes some nights I feel like absolutely nothing will send me in to the land of nod, but this cream has certainty made a difference to my bed time routine, not only does it smell absolutely incredible but the blend of Lavender, almond oil and onatflower is just what you need to tell your body its time for sleep.

One other thing I found with this cream is normally every year at this time of year I have such bad dermatitis my hands are so sore and so cracked its awful, and this cream is the only cream I’ve been using on my hands and my hands are as soft as a baby bottom so I can only really put it down to using this cream, my friend Heather forgot her usual body lotion on her surfing trip and only had her such sleepy cream with her for her long weekend away so she used it all over her body for the duration of the trip and she couldn’t believe how good her skin felt, so its a win win, a better nights sleep and a hydrated body and the small tub of Sleepy is only £7.95 I’ve had mine for 3 months now and that tub is still going strong, to me this is a perfect stocking filler and defiantly a thoughtful one.

Real Techniques Ready Set Glow

Im not going to start ranting about how amazing this brush collection is, but I’m sure nearly all of us own a Real Techniques brush or sponge, and I’ve never been disappointed, not only do they always look fantastic but they always help me create the look I want to achieve, they are just all round good brushes. So on my Christmas shopping spree after work on Wednesday I went into Superdrug to pick up some bits and bobs and I saw this set and Im not going to lie the price tag caught my attention first, £7.99.. Im sorry? £7.99? I thought it must of been some mistake but oh no my friends it is in fact seven pounds and ninety nine pence, so just like all the other women walking around Superdrug we were all carrying them around some where caring two or three and you can’t blame us you can get one for yourself one for a secret Santa and for family and friends, you would be silly not to grab this set while you have the chance.

The set includes

one multitasking cheek brush for blush and bronzers.

one strobing fan brush for that perfect highlight

one targeted blending brush to blend highlighting liquids and creams

And one miracle sculpting sponge to create shadows or highlight your favourite facial features.

I mean four Real Techniques tools for just £7.99 and it normally retails at £19.99 so this will make the perfect stocking filler and even the perfect present, I’m not sure how long this offer is on for but I just checked and its still going strong so I will leave the link Here happy glowing!



So…? Fragrance Gift Sets


Im a huge fan of So…? fragrance they have such a big range now there is so many to choose from, they have a fragrance for everyone, ever since they launched there new collection a few months back, I just find myself constantly going back for more, I have over 10 different fragrances on my shelf, the body sprays are perfect for keeping in your handbag for work or college or even keeping one in your gym bag, what I love about so…? is that there almost always on offer and you’ll never feel left out of pocket, at the moment quite a few of the body mists are on offer in Boots my all time favourite body mist has to be sweet pea, I aways have this in my handbag its so sweet and delicious and the scent lasts for a good amount of time, my other favourite is the Sheer illusion mist which is also £1.99 at the moment. But what with it being Christmas so…? have gone to town with their amazing gift sets Like the Sheer illusion gift set you get all three sheer illusion mists for £10 these mists are so elegant and fresh and defiantly the longer lasting ones out of all the mists in my opinion they are just that tad bit heavier in scent. Or if your looking for something more floral and light then the so..? Delights gift set is the perfect gift, with three of their best body mists for £8. So if your looking to fill the stocking of a fragrance lover or even stuck for a secret Santa, one of these so…? fragrance sets would be perfect and maybe even pick up one for yourself! after all it is Christmas!.




NYX Cosmetic Metals Eyeshadow pallet

And lastly, I know I’ve brought this up before so I won’t go on and on about how amazing I think it is because I’ve already done that before, but I just love this pallet it is a perfect everyday shadow pallet that is so beautifully pigmented and Long lasting and not to mention the colours are just perfect for this party season. And its a bargain at only £8 from Boots or online.


So there it is these are the perfect stocking fillers if your looking for a perfect secret Santa gift or stocking filler or even a little something for someone you care about this Christmas and if your anything like me even maybe a little something to pick up for yourself as a little gift to you from you!

Let me know if you have used any of these products before and leave me links if you have any stocking filler gift guides I would love to check them out and get some more Inspo for my Christmas gifts!

Stay Jolly!

Katharine Anne.


Taking some time off.

Taking some time off.

One of the things I think is so important is taking time out for yourself, we all lose ourselves in day to day life, friends and family and even partners that we never really take time to step back and breath and take time where we really and truly pamper ourselves, I don’t always think pampering is taking that long hot bubble bath or sitting back and relaxing with a face mask and your favourite box set, even though it is another important factor of taking some time out, but doing little things for yourself is also pampering, things that you enjoy things that help you switch off from the outside and focus on yourself. We all tend to forget about ourselves sometimes and thats completely normal but one thing I’ve recently come to realise again is how much I enjoy doing things for myself, I was lucky enough to get a few days this week to do exactly what I wanted and I loved ever moment of it so i thought I would share some of the things that help me bring myself back to focus.

Being on my own

I had a few days off this week and my fiancé couldn’t get anytime off work to join me, and I was disappointed at first but as horrible as it sounds in the end I was grateful, its been so nice to do what I want when ever I wanted to do it, I went shopping, ( because retail therapy is always good for the soul!) I went and got coffee and lunch on my own and as sad as it sounds I loved it, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t like to be on my own all the time doing these things but its so nice just to take life at your own pace and do exactly what you want to do how you like to do it. Getting coffee and taking long walks is one of my favourite things to do, I love taking trips into Oxford street or central London and just getting lost especially this time of year when its chilly outside and you can wrap up warm sipping your coffee as you watch the festivities of the season ahead starting to unfold.

Getting lost in a book.

I always find that getting my head stuck in a book, helps to ground me I love getting my imagination going and really get lost in that world, I find that its the perfect solution to help take your mind off of any stresses you have going on. At the moment I’m reading Tanya’s Christmas by Tanya Burr, and even though its not my usual sort of read I’m really loving it! I also know theres still a few weeks left to go until Christmas but its never too early to start getting them festive juices flowing, theres so many great ideas inside this book, from how to make festive treats and cocktails, to DIY Christmas gifts and decorations and even great places to visit over the festive period, I started reading and I couldn’t put it down, I’ve even gone to the extent of jotting down the recipes and places I want to do/visit before Christmas, so I would defiantly recommend sticking your nose in this book before Christmas.

Creating new looks

As strange as It might sound, one of the things I actually enjoy doing the most is playing around with make up and trying out new products, I’ve been a slight make up junkie for as long as I can remember and I just love getting my hands on the latest products, give me a mirror and a bag full of make up and I could sit there for hours, even though I have my particular products that I use every single day I still have a box dedicated to more out there looks. I have recently bought a small bag full of products from Primark’s make up range and its things like this that I could sit there and test out for hours, I’ve heard such good things about their Make up and I’ve got to say I’m quite impressed so much so that a few of the products have been added to my everyday make up box, just because there cheap doesn’t mean their not good quality. So its things like this I love doing and I enjoy it so much I find it quite therapeutic to sit there and try do create as many looks as possible.

Laughter is the best medicine 

We all get to points in our lives where we feel like the world is on our shoulders and sometimes things can get so much that we can feel suffocated feel like we want to isolate ourselves from everyone because its just better not having to speak, just in case someone might dare ask you how your feeling and we don’t even what to bring ourselves to even have to say we don’t want to talk about it, I know because I’ve been there more then once and its a horrible feeling but one thing thats always made me feel better no matter how I feel deep down is laughter, it well and truly is the best medicine being around people you love with never fail, I always find being around the people closest to me will always guarantee me to be smiling or laughing at one point or another.

Even when I’m not with anyone looking back on old memories, good times like days out or holidays will always guarantee to make me smile, and if all else fails giving someone close to you a text or a call could always help, I never shy away from letting people know I need a bit of cheering up, truth is everyone needs cheering up now and then its just admitting it is the difficult part, even if I’m not particularly up for admitting it just talking to someone and bringing up old memories or halarious situations that have happened in the past always make me feel great and after laughing for a few minutes you’ll suddenly feel lifted and then everything went seem as bad as it was before you started your trip down memory lane.

These are just some of the things that help me come back to centre and relax me when I just feel like I need to take some time for myself, there not major things most of them don’t cost anything at all, but thats the thing I always find that the little things make me smile the most, there the things that make me appreciate everything I have and really help me get make into the swing of things and feel that bit more refreshed.

Whats your top tips for recharging your battery’s and taking some time for yourself? let me know what they are, and if you need some time to breath and recharge yourself before the festive period kicks in then try out one or a few of these tips I mentioned and see if it works for you.

Until next time..




What’s In It For Me?

What’s In It For Me?

About a week ago I was lucky enough to receive a lovely package from the company Whats in it for me, I was sent a bottle of their body cleanser, it comes In a pump form which I really love I much prefer pumps over squeezey bottles, the packaging itself is bold  and interesting, its not eye catching in the sense that its brightly coloured but its eye-catching because its different, all the ingredients are written across the front, once you start reading it you can’t stop, and it sounds so delicious, the cleanser itself is infused with Aloe vera, witch hazel and grapefruit to help cleanse the skin and peppermint and rosemary oil to invigorate the skin, so the cleanser itself sounds and looks amazing! So I was super excited to give it a try.

So the next evening I ran myself a hot bubble bath and brought my cleanser along with me, and it was love at first pump, it smells so refreshing and revitalising, I put a good few pumps in my hands before rubbing together until Its a bit foamy, then start cleansing! not only does it smell great, but it also leaves my skin feeling super soft after. Before writing this review I did decided to use it a couple more times in my evening bath time routine just to make sure I was 100% as satisfied with it as I was when I first used it and I was! not only do you smell fresh after but you feel it and this is defiantly what you want in a body cleanser. 

I love coming across new products and trying them out, especially when they do exactly what they say on the tin, I’ve heard great things about this company so far and I’m so happy I could be one of the lucky people to give there products a try, ad I hope I can try more of their products in the future, especially if all of their products are as good as the cleanser. 

Whats even better about these products is that they are completely affordable, they are available to buy on Fragrance Direct and the body cleanser is an affordable £6! all of their products are under £10 and they range from everything from shampoos to on the go hand creams, so if your looking for a new hand cream or even a new body cleanser to try out over this cold season I would defiantly recommend giving Whats in it for me a go. You will be left feeling fresh and squeaky clean, and it won’t leave a dent in your bank balance. 

Let me know if you have tried any of whats in it for me’s products before, or If you decide to give them a go let me know what you think!

Until next time..



Why NYX Are Killing It Right Now

Why NYX Are Killing It Right Now

As many people know I’m absolutely obsessed with NYX, I started purchasing there products a year or so ago, and first off I couldn’t believe how affordable they were as a brand, after seeing people using it on Youtube and Instagram and seeing their results, I never imagined it would be so affordable, but when I actually started using the products I was hooked, and now I think nearly every product I apply to my face in the morning is a NYX cosmetic.

Last month I took my monthly shop to boots and I saw that they had released some new products part of their Metallic range, i picked up the metallic eyeshadow palette and instantly fell in love and that was even before I had used it, and once I used it I haven’t used any other palette since, it is honestly the most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever used, every single one of them are incredible, there are six shades in the metallic palette, I tend to use the top three the most and I use them all blended together and it gives of the most sparkly metallic shine that literally lasts all day long, I’ve had so many people ask me where my eyeshadow is from and since I started using it I had people making complements about my sparkly eyes, I have to go back the end of the month and get another one just in case they stop selling them, all the palettes I’ve bought from NYX have been amazing but this one is by far the best yet.


Another item I bought from the metallic range was their Liquid suede metallic matte glosses, I bought two matte glosses and two of the actual glosses from this range and just WOW, both the matte shades are red, the first one I bought was Biker babe which is a beautiful deep red, to be honest its a bit daring for me, I don’t normally go for deep reds I normally play it safe with nudes and the occasional purple lip, but this shade was just to pretty to ignore, Ive been wearing this shade to work as It makes me feel quite shophisticated and just gives my whole outfit that pop of colour.

The second matte shade I picked up was Bella its a beautiful metallic deep pink, this is defiantly my favourite out of the whole metallic lip range, I can wear it with any outfit and it really complements my pale skin tone. The thing I love about these glosses I that they literally last ALL DAY I wore Bella today and I’ve been out to the park, drunk two hot chocolates and I’ve had dinner and it is still hanging in there, don’t get me wrong its not as bold as it was this morning but you can defiantly see I’m wearing lipstick, I’ve tried A LOT of lipsticks and lip glosses and nothing has beaten this, and whats even better is that these Glosses are £7!!! how can you go wrong with £7 this is why I feel like every time I walk into boots I walk out with another NYX Gloss I just can’t help myself.

The other two glosses I got from the metallic range was Ellite and Retro Harmony these two glosses are super creamy and super metallic, Ellite is the perfect Red its not too deep and its not too bright, it looks perfect put on top of Biker Babe, or even on its own it just as beautiful, and Retro harmony is that perfect golden nude, I tend to wear this shade on its own its the perfect colour when I’m not in the mood for too much lip. So as you can tell by now I’m loving the NYX metallic range, I really hope they release a few more for Autumn/Winter.

Last few items I’ve been loving from NYX lately is the Golden olive and Jet Black Slide on Pencils, these are so good and so long lasting, I use the black pencil for my waterline and the golden one for just in the corners of my eyes and it literally makes such a difference, it really makes them pop, I haven’t used eyeliner for my under eye in the longest time but I was in the store last week and I just thought I would give it a try and I’m so glad I did because I’m not disappointed and both pencils are £5.50 I put both on this morning and even though yes it doesn’t look as bold as it did, it is still there regardless, I’ve bought so many eyeliners in the past where I’ve applied it to my waterline and by the time I get to work its almost none existent so I would really recommended these pencils to anyone that likes that bold pop of colour under the eyes.

And lastly is the NYX tame and frame eyebrow pomade , before I discovered this I was just using a regular eyebrow pencil, but I picked this up on the off chance and it has change my eye brow game! I bought this along with the Pro dual angled brow brush, and I feel like my eyebrows always look amazing, the pomade always goes on perfectly and last all day Long, I work 9 hours and when I get home it still looks the same as it did when I left my house, although this product isn’t new to NYX this is actually my second one, last time I bought quite a dark shade and I feel it was a bit too dark, but the shade I picked up this time around was in the shade brunette, and it is perfect if you like a easy applied brow that lasts no matter the weather I would defiantly recommended the tame and frame and the angled pro dual brush.

Thats everything I’ve been loving from NYX at the moment and even though nearly all of my make up bag consists of NYX these are my new Favourites, have you tried anything from this range? let me know what you think or if you have anything you could recommend, any excuses for me to purchase a few more!


Until next time…


So…? The Elegant Affordable Fragrances.

So…? The Elegant Affordable Fragrances.

I’ve been a fan of So..? fragrance for a while, its been my go to spray that I keep in my handbag for the throughout the day spritz, so when I was sent some of their latest fragrances I was beyond over the moon not only are they beautifully packaged but they smell incredible! I was sent three body mists and one perfume, two of the body mists come in a longer more colourful bottle one is called fresh floral and the other sweet Pea, both equally just as beautiful, but both completely different, sweet pea is indeed quite sweet but not at all heavy, and fresh floral is exactly that! fresh and floral with a peach blossom and peony flower fragrance, these mists are perfect for on the go and the perfect size for your handbag, not only that but they looks fantastic on my desk not only do they smell good but they look amazing too.

One of the other body mists I received was from the sheer illusion collection, and this sent is a little different to the others as is the packaging, its so elegant and not only that it has a rose gold effect and we all know how I feel about rose gold! the scent itself is a beautiful blend of mandarin and bergamot with a floral sent of rose and jasmine with a hint of sandalwood.

if I’m going to be honest this is my favourite mist out of them all and is the one that is currently sitting in my handbag as I type, I take it to work I take it out on weekends and I won’t stop until its finished, everytime I spray it around friends I’m constantly getting asked what it is and can they use some, so I have a feeling this is going to be the first one to run out. 


And the last fragrance I received was also from the sheer illusion collection so of course it smells just like the mist, but just in the perfume form so it is that tad bit heaver and I use this only in the mornings before I leave the house and then I just top up during the day with the sheer illusion mist, these two fragrances are the best I’ve had in a while, I’ve never had a scent I like so much both in a perfume and mist form, I know that so…? does two more collections with a mist and a perfume the dark romance and the fresh unique & vibrant range and Im looking forward to trying them, and if they smell just as gorgeous as the sheer illusion collection then I will happily have the whole range stacked up on my desk. 


Not only do I love so..? fragrance because of how gorgeous they smell but I love how affordable they are, there are so many perfumes out there that I have been on the verge of buying but always stop myself because of the £££ price tag, so having fragrances like this in high street stores that doesn’t break the bank is just beyond perfect, and even though I love Autumn these fragrances defiantly put a bit of summer in my step.

I will leave the links to each fragrance I mentioned bellow so you can take a look for yourself, so a big thank you to so fragrance not only for amazing fragrances but for letting me smell wonderful and not even noticing the difference in my bank statement. 


until next time.. 


Fresh Floral.

Sweet Pea.

Sheer Illusion Mist.

Sheer Illusion Eau De Toilette.