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Mildreds The Best Vegan Restaurant in Town

Mildreds The Best Vegan Restaurant in Town

So I have never actually done a post about food before which is funny because I love food, its one of the things that actually make me the most happy.. sad? food. Angry? food. Happy? food. its always the answer so this actually surprises me when I come to realise that I’ve never actually written anything about the topic as of yet so today is the day My very first foodie post and I’m really excited as this post is about one of my favourite restaurants in London and that is the one and only Mildreds.

If you are not a Vegetarian or a Vegan you might not have heard about Mildreds and thats ok because a lot of people I tell about this particular restaurant haven’t heard about it either, even my fiancé was a bit sceptical when I first dragged him here, I think a lot of people who aren’t Veggies or Vegans always assume that these types of restaurants only offer you bowls of dry lettuce and basically charge you an arm and a leg for what some people describe as rabbit food, but oh you’d be very wrong. First of the restaurant its self Is lovely it isn’t very big and it can get quite busy in peak hours but please don’t let that put you off, I’ve been before where I’ve had to wait for a table and it was well worth it you can just take a seat at the bar while you wait, unfortunately the restaurant doesn’t accept bookings due to their popular demand but its worth the wait, if you are in a hurry they also operate a take away service which I’ve yet to try but I only wish deliveroo would bring it to my doorstep. The service is impeccable I’ve never had to wait ages for them to come and take my order or wait ages for the food, everything always comes the way you asked and you won’t feel like your wasting away in your seat through starvation.


“if you’re a vegetarian – go! if you’re a vegan – go!
if you like food – go!
mildreds is like a home from home.”


The menu is quite small only one page with starters, Mains and sides ( they have separate menu for desserts) but everything sounds delicious, what I love most about this restaurant is that most people that visit have visited before and know how good it is, I’ve been three times now and every time I always hear people around me asking the waiters what the next table or the table across is eating/drinking, because the menus don’t have any pictures of their food its left up to imagination but when the food comes out it all looks so amazing that people just want it all. The first time I visited Mildreds was with a work college a few years back, we went after work because her cousin had been before and had brought her back a takeaway box from the restaurant, she tried the food and fell in love and she was neither a veggie or vegan and she took me knowing I was a vegetarian and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The food is the real reason I’m writing this because I know everyone loves good food and I just want everyone to know how good Mildreds is, since I’ve visited four times I’ve tried two different mains, the mushroom and ale pie with chunky chips and mushy peas, and my god its just like the most perfect comfort food the pastry on the pie is crispy and flaky and the chunky chips are incredible especially with the garlic mayo that comes on the side not only does it leave you satisfied it leaves you stuffed. I know I said I’ve visited four times but only tried two mains and the reason to that is because when I first visited Mildreds with my friend she made me try the one dish she was in love with and that was the sri lankan sweet potato and green bean curry and I’ve been hooked ever since, I think the only reason I had the mushroom and ale pie was because my fiancé suggested I try something different, and even though I loved the pie it still couldn’t quite compare to the curry its sweet and spicy at the same time the sweet potato is soft and flavoursome and the cashews in the curry give it that perfect amount of crunch, it also comes with a small side of chilly curry paste if you want that extra kick, its the perfect dish so if you do ever visit I would highly recommend the curry I’m promise you won’t be disappointed.


The starter dishes are yummy, I tend to always go for the smashed avocado with corn chips and the gyoza dumplings with sweet chilli and soy dip, I’m a creature of habit and always end up getting the same dish in the end but from what I see around me and from other people enjoying there food around me and from close friends and work colleges that have all visited everything Mildreds have to offer is delicious.

Desserts I never seem to have room for but on two occasions I did and the first dessert I ever tried was the beetroot chocolate brownie with coconut ice cream, I can see some of your faces looking at your screen with a frowned face when I saw beetroot brownie but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, it was the moistest chocolate brownie I’ve ever eaten and as for the coconut ice cream well.. WOW. The second dessert I’ve tried was the peach, strawberry and bramley apple polenta crumble with vanilla ice cream  and in all honest it didn’t beat the chocolate brownie but it was delicious, I’m a sucker for a crumble so as long as its warm and comes with ice cream I’m a happy girl, oh and as for the cocktails! they tend to change the menu every time I visit but they are out of this world and always look so pretty!.

So there you have it Mildreds won my heart right from the start with their great atmosphere and staff and the most wonderful dishes you really can’t go wrong, the restaurants prices are quite the same to any of your other high street restaurants, so its not breaking the bank, and you really don’t need to be a herbivore to dine here, coming from the people I’ve gone with they all said they forgot they was even in a vegan friendly restaurant because the food was that great.

So if your looking for a new Veggie/Vegan restaurant to give a try then check out Mildreds, and even if your not the check it out anyway next Time your local to one, they now have restaurants in Camden, Soho, Kings cross and Dalston and if you need any more convincing I’m leave the link to their website right Here and you can check out the menu for yourself!

Let me know if you have visited Mildreds before or any other Vegetarian or Vegan restaurants that you love.

Until next time..


How OGX Saved My Hair

How OGX Saved My Hair

In past post I had discussed how badly my hair was in desperate need of some TLC, my hair was so damaged from bleaching and heat damage I had to have a lot of it cut off after I had my extensions taken out, and it didn’t get that much better even after I had my hair dyed back to my natural mousy brown colour, the damage was still underneath and if I missed one conditioning treatment I was right back to square one of having crispy looking hair, as you can imagine I was heartbroken, I went from having lovely hair and then to completely hating it, until one day I went to a glossy box event and was given a goody bag that contained a travel sized OGX argon oil shampoo, I had been wanting to try it and was over the moon I could finally test it out, and I’ve been hooked ever since.


Moroccan argan oil shampoo


I have tried a few other shampoos from the OGX family but nothing quite does it for me like the Moroccan Argan oil shampoo , not only does it smell amazing but it has worked wonders for my hair, the consistency of the shampoo seems to be quite heavy and thick, which at first I was worried about because I find that shampoos like this can really weigh your hair down, but not this one, my hair only feels soft, shiny and smelling amazing, sometimes I find that if you use a certain shampoo for too long it can start to have the opposite effect on your hair, well it does for me anyway, sometimes I find when I use some shampoos for a long period of time my scalp can become itchy or dry and just doesn’t look shiny anymore it just looks dull, but I have been using OGX for the best part of 4 months now and my hair still feels as soft and shiny as it did from the day I started using it.


Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner


The conditioner is just as dreamy as the shampoo, smells incredible and goes to work on my dry thirsty hair, I like to put I large dollop on my hands and work it through my hair from root to tip, then I take my tangle teaser and make sure its all brushed through, a little tip when putting conditioner on your hair always try to brush it through while its on, if you are just putting conditioner on the outside of your hair its not going to be able to get on to all the hair in-between so its missing out on all that goodness so next time your putting on your conditioner brush it through and see if you notice a difference!



OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil


I LOVE a good argan oil and this one is on the list of one of my absolute favourites, I was honestly so surprised about how lightweight this product is also, maybe all the OGX products are designed to be lightweight, but this shocked me, I have been the girl to fall victim of the too much oil equals greasy hair look to many times before, and there has been a few occasions where I felt like it might of been a bit too much I had Put on, it has never looked greasy or even oily, I put it on as soon as I get out the shower and brush it through or some mornings after brushing my hair if I feel my hair is looking a bit worse for wear ill but a bit on while my hair is dry just working it through the ends. It only comes in what looks like one of the travel sized bottles but a little goes a long way in this case and mine is lasting me very well so don’t be put off by the size, this product is spot on.



OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Oil

This on is more new to me then the rest, I wanted to try this oil because I had used the coconut water shampoo and conditioner form OGX in the past and the smell is INCREDIBLE and this little baby smells just as incredible, this oil comes in a spray bottle, I just give it a little shake and then spray around 4-5 times on upside down hair and then shake it through, its great for using when in a rush and just want that extra bit of hydration, and lets face it who doesn’t want to smell like a coconut?

Thats all the OGX products I’m using at the moment not only do they look great in the bathroom they work magic on hair, I only wish I could of come across them sooner and I might of been able to keep off some of that damage to my hair if you want to check out some of there products then ill leave the link Here

Have you tried out any of the OGX shampoos, conditioners and oil’s? if so let me know I would love to hear what you have tried before and if you have been in the same situation as me in the dry hair department?

Until next time lovely’s..


Friction Free Shaving Your New BFF

Friction Free Shaving Your New BFF

A couple weeks ago while scrolling through my Instagram feed ( As you do ) I came across a snap of a beautiful engraved rose gold razor, call me crazy I know its just a razor but things like this really catch my eye, I love seeing pretty things that I would use daily it really makes me want it instantly! so I clicked the link and I was taken to the Friction free shaving website and I’m not going to lie I was instantly sold, I mean I’m already a sucker for a subscription box, theres nothing like having treats delivered to your door each month, regardless if you know what your little box contains or not, and how amazing to have something delivered to your door that you actually need and use each month. If your anything like me I’m so useless when it comes to buying razors I rather always forget to buy them and then find myself using the same razor until I finally remember, and Im constantly buying new razors when they are on offer because buying the blades sepratly form any drugstore can be pretty pricy..

So while I was scrolling through the FFS website I couldn’t believe how affordable there razors were, I mean even the beautiful rose gold one was £9 and the regular razor £5 witch I think is really reasonable considering your also getting 4 razor blades included for each week throughout the month, so there I was sitting on my lunch break purchasing a razor blade subscription box. At the check out there is an option to include the friction free shaving cream, which I also jumped on straight away because I never buy shaving cream, I always mean too and always forget so I never end up buying it, its pretty easy to forget, anytime I ever bought shaving cream from any drugstore in the UK its always right there on the lowest shelf right under all the razors, so its pretty easy to just walk past and forget, now I won’t forget because each month its getting delivered right to my door step.

So I thought I would write this post to give you a bit of a look into the shaving subscription box that has a lot of bloggers talking, heres a sneak peek into my first box..




As you can see the box comes beautifully packaged, its simple but all so pretty, it might just be me and I’m strongly over excited about this, the contents of the box are so cute, you get a little card that explains the basics of the razor and a little bit about the brand, there is also a fun little Craig David inspired FFS lyrics on the lid of the box which I thought was really quirky and fun.

Until I looked into signing up to this subscription box there was a lot of things I didn’t know about shaving, I mean did you know how much bacteria your razor collects while its just sitting in your bathroom? you really should be changing your razor blade weekly, and after using your razor and just having it sitting on the side your razor slowly becomes rusty and not so hygienic, so changing your razor blade weekly will actually keep your legs feeling a lot sleeker and softer.


“Change your blades once a week, and your legs shall be smooth & sleek.”

– Friction Free Shaving




The Razor


FFS have created the first ever metal razor for women I mean apart from the razor being rose gold it is so beautiful and it isn’t too light and isn’t too heavy, the grip is perfect and the whole round design of the razor is just perfect, its got the FFS logo at the bottom and I was lucky enough to have mine engraved, I obviously would of gone for Katharine but you can only choose up to 8 characters and Katharine just wouldn’t of fit, so I went for my initials instead, but I still think its the coolest thing ever, who can say the have there initials on there razor?!?!

Using the razor obviously isn’t any different to using any other razor except for the fact that I felt a huge difference in the glide, it was the most comfortable shave I’ve had in a while, and that could be because my previous razor was destined for the bin or because the blades on this razor are incredible, no pinching no cuts, nothing.  After I had finished with my shave I just popped on the razor cap that comes inside the box, which I would highly recommend just so the Vitamin E strips don’t dry out.  Your box also comes with 1 styling bikini blade built into the back of the cartridge so you can keep everything tidy!



” You realise you’ve been ripped off since puberty for overpriced razors. “

– Friction Free Shaving

The Cream

The Shave cream has to be the best smelling shaving cream ever, it’s enriched with Manuka honey, Shea butter and coconut oil you can probably imagine how amazing it smells, as soon as I started rubbing it over my legs they felt so soft and defiantly something that would make shaving a whole lot better, in the past I used to use conditioner for my legs while shaving, ( Hence me forgetting to buy shaving cream all the time!) but this is a game changer, my legs felt so soft once I got out the shower I’m so happy I decided to add the shaving cream to my box it was defiantly worth the extra £6.



Im so happy I decided to go Friction Free, I love the fact that I no longer have to worry about buying new razors each month or having to huff and puff when I forget to buy one, because now I don’t need to remember because its getting delivered right to my door, the great thing about FFS is that your not locked into a contract you can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime so theres no long term commitment, and there are two razors to choose from there is the  Frankie Razor which is only £5 a month and is such a cutie and comes with 3 razor blades per head and added victim E strips to each razor head, and has a  90 degree pivot head so its easy to get all them pesky hairs that you can never seem to get rid of no matter how many times you think you’ve been over them. Then of course there is Rose my new BBF Which is £9 a month and in my eyes completely worth it, I’m so happy I come across FFS and now ill never have to worry about rough legs or blunt razors ever again!

If you would like to see for yourself then head over to Friction Free Shaving and see what tickles your fancy, and if you want to try it for yourself then you can get 25% off your first order with my code WXKC8Z

If you do decide to give it a go, or if you already have your Razor then let me know! I would love to know what you think of yours.

Until next time..


A Weekend In Brighton

A Weekend In Brighton


If I had to a chance to move away from London it would defiantly be to Brighton, Ever since I was a little girl I have always told myself that one day it will be my home, there is just something about it that just makes me feel so content and at home, so much so that after I’ve visited I hate coming back home to London, its just my happy place, unfortunately enough I was so close to moving there next year and then a few things fell through and sadly thats no longer the case, but you never know hopefully if I keep it in my head as my goal then one day it will happen. Anyway this past weekend I visited Brighton with my fiancé and my best friend and her husband it was a bit of a last minute decision but nevertheless we packed up and hit the road, I LOVE road trips setting out with loved ones with the excitement of the weekend ahead I just love it, anyway once we arrived in Brighton the weather wasn’t all that good we didn’t exactly pick the best weekend for our trip weather wise.. but its what you make it right? first stop once we arrived was to eat and since we couldn’t check in to our hotel till 3pm thats exactly what we done, and there is one restaurant in Brighton that is like religion for me and my fiancé to visit once we are there and thats JB’s American diner on the beach front, I have been going there for as long as I can remember, I just love the atmosphere, I’m a sucker for anything American themed especially the old fashion diners, and religiously the first thing I ordered was a coke float!

After we had finished eating it was time to hit a few shops and grab some essentials that I had embarrassingly forgot.. i.e. Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash.. and then straight to Primark but luckily enough for my bank balance it wasn’t for a major shop, the wind was so bad over the weekend my hair was constantly in my face and its September so any excuse to purchase my first bobble hat of the year, I was one happy girl, last stop was to Topshop, I have recently become more in love with Topshop it wasn’t until last year that I starting buying clothes from there, I always found that nothing in there really suited me but now I always fine something I fall in love with, I bought two amazing tops that I will probably be living in for the next month.

By this time it was time for check in at the hotel and then a walk to the pier, a trip to Brighton isn’t complete without a walk along the pier, I’m a sucker for arcade games, I spent most of my childhood by the seaside and spent a lot of time in the amusements, so It brings back my inner child. Walking along the pier and just looking out into the sea and taking pictures just makes me feel so clam inside, I didn’t get to take as many pictures this time around while I was on the pier because the rain and the wind got so bad nothing came out that good, but hey theres always next time.



After a wet and windy walk along the pier it was time to head back to the hotel and hit the spa, our cosy little hotel had a lovely indoor swimming pool and sauna that we took advantage of, and luckily for us it was completely empty, I haven’t felt so relaxed in such a long time its was just what I needed, even sitting beside the pool after wrapped in a towel and away with my own thoughts was very therapeutic, and I could of spent my whole evening there, if it wasn’t for my stomach growling every 2 minutes, it was defiantly time for dinner.

Brighton defiantly has the best Jamie’s Italian I’ve ever been too, its so romanic and the food always tastes better there and the staff are incredibly welcoming, me and my friend shared a bottle of Jamie’s own prosecco and it was incredible I never knew Jamie done his own prosecco but now I do I know what ill be getting when I go back, I’m also obsessed with the famous olives on ice, they are so well presented and they are the best tasting olives, I thought Nando’s were my favourite until I tried these, if any of you reading this have ever been to a Jamie’s Italian before or plan on going you NEED to try the praline chocolate melt dessert, WOW it is the softest most delicious cake I have ever had its one of them cakes you put your spoon into and the chocolate middle just pours out.. also all there ice cream that comes with their desserts is all made by snowflake.. if you know then you know!

I love waking up in Brighton, hearing the seagulls outside the window just puts the biggest smile on my face, sounds silly I know but I just love it! check out time at the hotel was at 11am so after getting ready and putting our bits together it was already time to check out, and I would of been more upset but I couldn’t be when we was going back to the American diner for PANCAKES! every time I visit Brighton I always end up in that diner more then once, I just can’t help myself, so it was maple syrup pancakes and a peanut butter milkshake coming right up! after I devoured that in ten minutes it was time for a walk through the lanes, seriously no matter how many times I visit Brighton ill never get bored of the lanes, its like a little maze I love to get lost in with so many cute and quirky shops you always find the most wonderful things in the lanes, from your typical high street stores to unique little boutiques and I can’t get enough. One of my soul missions this trip was to find Dum Dum Donuts and finally try one of their famous cronuts! after following the google maps for ten minutes we found it! its tucked away in a little backstreet square in the lanes and its so cute, there wasn’t much variety as I expected but little did I know you don’t need variety when they are all so dam good, I got a box of six mix and match, three cronuts and three donuts, and then after carried them around all day protected them with my life making sure the box didn’t get squished or damaged in any way.







Before we set of back to London we took a long walk on the beach heading up to the pier, and while on the way not only did I get to take some amazing photos, me and my friend channelled our inner 5 year old and went on the carousel right on the beach front, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed every second!. As we walked closer to the pier we decided to have one last walk along it and to have a cheeky 10 minutes inside the amusement before we set of home, and how could I end a trip to Brighton without getting a hot chocolate on the pier? so with my favourite people in the world by my side and hot chocolate in hand it was time to leave my happy place and set back off to reality, thank you Brighton for always giving me the best memories and hopefully ill be back sooner then expected and one day to stay..





Over Coming My Fears, And How I Did It

Over Coming My Fears, And How I Did It

When I think back to the Katharine from a year ago its pretty different to the girl that now stares back at me in the mirror every morning, its surprising just how much you can grow as a person in a year, if I flash back 365 days ago I was someone who was trying desperately to hold on to any aspect of friendship I had left, I wanted to be the person that got invited out or that wouldn’t be forgotten about and I’m not ashamed to admit that because for me this was all a process of my growing up, I would constantly reply events over in my head about what I could of done wrong if a friend never text me back after a few days or if everyone was invited somewhere apart from me, that was the Katharine from a year ago, a me filled with anxiety even over the simplest of life’s pleasures such as friendships, and now I couldn’t think of stressing over these same exact situations, over this last year I have Come to realise a few things about myself and about others and how important it is to be comfortable with who you are, and here are a three of the things the last 365 days have taught me.





The saying is an old one but one of the truest there is, If you aren’t going to love yourself then how do you expect someone else to love you? I spent so much wasted time comparing myself to others, so much time thinking, why am I not like this person? how come I’m not as good at that? and it is so soul destroying and boring, every single person is beautiful in their own unique way, and I didn’t become truly happy until I came to this realisation and only to wish I had done it sooner, over the past 8 months I have met some truly amazing women, especially through social media and I have never felt so inspired or uplifted then I do when I speak with these women, we all uplift each other and give the true meaning to girl power, I only wish that every woman could be this way with one another, not only on social media but face to face in everyday life. To become happier I had to stop worrying what I thought other people thought of me, and just start worrying about me, I’ve achieved so much this year that I never thought I would be able to accomplish, and I’m so proud of myself and I know for a fact that if I was still in the same position I was in last year mentally I would of never achieved these things, purely because I was so scared about what people would think of me which leads me on to my next point..





Could you imagine waking up at 80 years old and looking back at your life and regretting all the things you never done and all because you was afraid, afraid what people were going to think of you, do you really think at 80 years old you are going to look back and think about what Sarah and Jason thought of you and it would still effect you? NO because these things don’t matter, they matter to us at the time because lets face it no one wants to me mocked or laughed at but who cares? because I’m very sure that a large majority of people that would mock you behind your back would never say it to your face and theres a reason behind that, half of the time its to do with their insecurities and their jealousy, so DO YOUR THING, whatever it it that makes you happy do it, do it before its too late, because all we ever seem to do is wait for tomorrow, do it now and forget about everyone else and do it because YOU want t0, because what other people think of you is none of your business.





Stepping outside of my comfort zone was something very big for me, starting this blog was a big deal to take a part of myself and share it online and also to make it known to people on my social media platforms that I had a blog and putting that link in my bio was a huge thing for me, it was something I sort of done and then threw my phone on my bed and cringed and walked away, but once it was done it was done, like ripping off a plaster quick and painless, and from that day i’ve had nothing but positive things happen to me, yeah sure its been difficult not all of it has been easy but every positive moment I experience from this journey makes it all worth it, I stepped out of my comfort zone and created something that was mine, a space where I can write down my thoughts feeling and my photos and share them with everyone, a year ago if I looked into the future and saw me now I would of laughed and a thousand thoughts would of consumed my mind about how I would of had accomplished it, but I did, I done it because its possible, its possible to do anything you put your mind too you just have to believe in yourself and fill your mind with positivity and the world is your oyster.



One of my biggest regrets I have is not doing the things I wanted to do sooner, if I could only go back in time and share the information with a younger me then I could of had a head start on this amazing experience, but I’m a big believer in everything happening for a reason, so I guess this was the right moment in time for me, if there Is anything in life you ever feel like you can’t achieve or theres something as pathetic as other peoples opinions weighing you down from your true potential then just remember why you want to do it and what it means to you, and only you because in 20 or 50 years time these these minor setbacks won’t mean nothing but regret will.

Until next time..