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First Impressions : Kat Von D lock it foundation.

First Impressions : Kat Von D lock it foundation.

I don’t know about anyone else but when it comes to finding a foundation for my skin I find it can be quite a stressful task, I have always not only struggled finding the right tones for my skin but finding a foundation that actually makes my skin feel flawless and blotch free was a struggle, I don’t know if I’m going to sound crazy here but in the past I found that after using the same foundation for longer then 2 months my skin would start to reject it, like it no longer wanted to hold that particular product to my face, and this always really grinded my gears.

About 2 months ago was visiting a friend, and judging from her Instagram posts and Snapchat stories I could see she was a big fan of the Kat Von D range, and it had been on my wishlist of products I eventually wanted to try but i never seemed to get around to trying them I think purely because you can only get your hands on them rather online or at the Debenhams in Oxford street, and i never found myself in the Oxford street area and I didn’t want to order the products online before I could really see the products with my own eyes, ( I’m funny like that)

So while I was on holiday in Rome a few weeks ago on my actual birthday, i wanted to treat myself, and after seeing quite a few Sephora stores dotted around the city, I felt it was time to try them for myself. I was really surprised about how many different shades of foundation the Kat Von D line has, I honestly don’t think you will struggle to find a foundation to suite a skin tone, I felt like I was standing there for a good 20 minutes testing the foundations on my hand just to make sure I was picking the right tone and colour for my skin, I mean on many occasions in the past I’ve rush bought foundations and ended up walking around like a extra from a willy wonka movie, been there done that worn the T-shirt.

I also just wanted to add how incredible the packaging is to all of her products I know that packaging means absolutely nothing if the product inside is awful, but the bottle for the lock it foundation is beautiful, the only thing I didn’t really understand is the lid to the pump of the foundation there is a tiny little nib on the top where the foundation comes out from and it took me a while to work out how to put it back on, I would say this was the only thing I didn’t like about the product first hand I mean In the mornings when I’ve slept past my alarm 25 minutes I don’t have time to be putting back on tricky little nibs to foundation bottles.

So after carful inspection I had chosen my shade and proceeded to the checkout, I really did want to buy some of the lipsticks and the eyeliner but I was budgeting and being a good girl, I mean the colours of the lipsticks and glosses are lovely and her highlighting palette is beautiful but, they are not exactly the cheapest of products, so I decided to take it slow.
I never started using the Lock it foundation until I returned home from Rome, it was so hot out there I wasn’t really even wearing make up and if I did it would of melted of anyway!
So on my first day back at work it was time to give it a try, on the first application I was quite shocked, the coverage is incredible and super buildable, it completely covers all my blemishes and imperfections and creates such a airbrushed look, there are very few foundations I have had this experience with, so really I was in love from the first application
Not only was I super happy with the lock it foundation myself but no word of a lie i can’t even begin to tell you how many compliments I’ve received since i started wearing this foundation and even though its only been two weeks I’ve been showered with compliments and questions asking me about what make up I’m wearing and where did I buy it, I’ve had quite a few of my clients at work tell me how flawless my skin looks, so obviously while beaming inside I tell them exactly where I got my foundation from, and quite a lot of people i told had actually already heard about the Kat Von D lock it foundation but just like me previously had not managed to try it out for themselves yet.

After being a sufferer of oily blotchy skin for so long i always struggled to find a foundation to suite my skin and that wouldn’t slide of my face after a hour or two at work, sometimes I would be doing a client at the end of the day and look up in the mirror and be shocked that almost the whole of my forehead was melting of me and trust me its not very attractive, I was constantly embarrassed and worried about it, but i can honestly say with my hand on my heart that this foundation has been my lifesaver I mean before this I was using the NYX matte but not flat foundation and don’t get me wrong I also love that foundation and it is to be fair on the cheaper side and I do and will still continue to use that foundation, even though I love the Lock it foundation I don’t used it everyday, not only because its quite pricy and I don’t want to rinse it out straight away but also because I think I’m petrified of my skin becoming so used to it that it will stop looking so flawless on me!


So there you have it, that’s my opinion on the Kat Von D Lock it foundation, I would 100% buy this product again and I’m looking forward to trying out more of her products in the future, If you have skin like mine I would bite the bullet and give this a try, I mean I do believe you get what you pay for and if this foundation continues to give me glowing flawless looking skin and gives me that extra bit of confidence throughout the day and makes me feel great, then to me its worth every penny.

Until next time..

Katharine Anne.



A birthday girl in Rome

DAY  1

For the longest time I have wanted to visit the beautiful city of Rome Not only for the beautiful architecture but of course for the food, so you can only imagine how over the moon I was when my Fiancé told me that we was going for a long weekend to celebrate my 23rd birthday, excited was a understatement, not only was I getting to spend my birthday in another country but in one of the most profound romantic city’s that there is.

Our flight was on Sunday the 2nd of July at Stanstead airport at 8.45am, I am a big fan of early morning flights, I like to get it our the way and have the rest of the remaining day to explore, when we arrived at the boarding gates we noticed that we had been seated apart and it seemed that a lot of passengers were having the same problem, and while at the time I didn’t think it was going to be good for my anxiety I was actually okay, I ended up siting next to a teenage brother and sister so listening to them bickering throughout the flight was quite funny, I just kept my nose stuck in my book my best friend had got me for my birthday and time just seemed to fly by.
Once we had landed I was first out of the aircraft before my fiancé, and the heat felt so good for the first ten minutes until my light comfy jumper I was wearing was starting to become unbearable, so after about a 20 minute wait for my luggage I was straight in the airport bathrooms getting changed. After changing up some money and jumping into a taxi we was on our way to our hotel, my first impression of Rome was not what I expected If I’m going to be completely honest with you, there seemed to be graffiti all over walls and shutters throughout a lot of the drive nearly every shop wall had graffiti all over it, I just thought from what I had seen in movies and on TV it didn’t really look the same. We arrived at our hotel and it was really cute it was small but really welcoming and clean and I don’t think there is much more you can ask for from a city break, you are hardly ever going to be in your room anyway so that’s all that matters to me, we got upgraded to a room with a terrace and it was lovely and big with sun loungers, although the view looked on to some residential flats and down bellow local bars and restaurants, but it was still lovely waking up in the morning at 8am and stepping out on to the terrace when it was already 25 degrees.
After a bit of freshening up and unpacking a bit we got a taxi to the colosseum it was only about a ten minute drive from our hotel and when we pulled up right in front it took my breath away its so incredible its so much bigger than I pictured it to be it really is something you have to see with your own eyes, we didn’t actually get to explore inside of the colosseum while we was in Rome only because we did go at the busiest time of year and queues were no shorter than 2 hours long and in the 34 degree heat we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it, so we just wandered around for hours and hours, the trick with Rome is you just need to walk, walk and lose yourself and you stumble upon the most beautiful sights, we stopped for a early dinner and of course some gelato and then we found a taxi we was knackered and decided to call it a day.


Waking up in Rome was such an amazing feeling you feel like you have to get straight out there and start exploring, after we had got ready and made our way downstairs to order a taxi we was on our way to the Spanish steps, and about 20 minutes later in the taxi and we were there, as soon as we walked a few meters from the taxi rank it was right in front of us, of course crowded with tourists like ourselves, but it was so beautiful all the amazing architecture in all its glory, the first thing you want to do is climb the steps all the way to the top to get a look at the spectacular view, so after what feels like 400 steps later you are right at the top and can see for miles its absolutely beautiful defiantly a spot for a good Instagram picture or a cheeky selfie, the only unpleasant thing about it was that every two minutes you have someone trying to come up to you trying to sell you something from selfie sticks to roses and it can start to get quite irritating having to repeat NO every two minutes but ill touch up more on that later.
After we battled through the steps and all the selfie stick sellers it was time to find some breakfast and its defiantly not to hard to find somewhere to eat, there are restaurants on every corner and down every side road so after about Ten minutes of searching we found a remote little café down one of the little streets not too far from the Spanish steps, where i had the most amazing soya cappuccino i have ever tasted, coffee defiantly is done best in Italy, so after two cappuccinos and a sandwich and pastry each, it was onto the next location.
A few side roads and cobble streets later we ended up in the main shopping location, there certainly is quite a mixture of shops from Prada to H&M, after about an hour or so it was time for a pit stop Aperol spritz here I come! we found this lovely little restaurant on the corner of little remote square and had a drink and some nibbles and watched the world go by, it really is easy to get lost in the moment, it was certainty a lot  more interesting people watching in Rome then it is sitting outside Hampstead heath Starbucks. After we recharged it was time for gelato I know it might sound like we stopped of for drink and gelato often but the heat was insane my pale English skin can not take 34 degree weather i need to be well sun creamed and well watered I’m just not used to it. We stumbled upon a small little Gelato shop on our walk to the Trevi fountain, my flavour of choice on this trip was Nutella and Pistachio, and I hope I’m not the only one that thinks this but I don’t think you have ever really tried real gelato until you have it in Italy, where the flavours actually taste exactly what they are supposed to taste like and are so thick and creamy its unreal, I don’t think ill ever want to eat regular ice cream in the UK ever again.
A few ice cream licks later we arrived at the famous Trevi fountain and my god its breath taking, although it was the most crowded attraction we visited it was still out of this world I made sure to squeeze my self right to the bottom so I could get close enough to throw a coin over my shoulder ( legend has it that if you throw a coin in the fountain over your shoulder you will be sure to return to Rome) The Trevi fountain is something you need to see to believe pictures cant do it justice I’ve never seen something in real life that still didn’t look real, ( hope I’m making sense with that one.) Now the time of day I looked forward to the most was of course dinner time, I couldn’t wait to  eat more fresh Italian food so off we went scanning all the 100’s of restaurants there was too offer, we finally came across a lively restaurant about a 20 minute walk from Trevi fountain, and all the food looked incredible from the outside, and oh my it was even better than it looked, the food was out of this world I have never had Italian food like it in my life, the flavours and the spices were amazing I enjoyed every mouthful. After dinner it was time to find the taxi rank I was officially pooped.



Day 3

I have always wanted to wake up on my birthday and be in another country, and its such an amazing feeling, even though I know the older you get the less exciting birthdays become, but I was in Rome with my incredible Fiancé and i felt like such a lucky little human.  After having breakfast in the same café as the day before we went for a long walk and decided to get lost in Rome again, the original plan was to go to the Vatican but judging from what we had heard about the lines to enter at this time of year we decided against it, but I’m sure we will get the opportunity one day when we return, on our adventure we stopped for gelato ( of course!) at this amazing shop called Vinchi I’m sure if you have visited Rome you would of seen it there are a few of them scattered around, well they had me from the moment I set eyes on there chocolate tap ( YES that’s right they dip the cone in a chocolate tap! and then dip it in nuts or chocolate!)  Thank god I was only in Rome for 3 days god knows what would of happened if I stayed any longer! but we done so much walking I didn’t feel as bad about all the eating.  So after a lot of walking and a few aperol spritz and gelato’s later it was coming up to dinner time already, and after what felt like hours of walking trying to find somewhere that wasn’t to packed to eat I was losing the will to go on, Hungry hot birthday girl was not a good combo, also because I decided to wear a H&M dress I bought the day before and I was suffering from major chub rub, so we ended up back at the same restaurant as the previous night, and although I didn’t want to eat and the same places, we were so hungry and exhausted that we didn’t care, we knew the food was good and the service was good that it didn’t seem too bad, and I’m so glad we did because it was the most amazing birthday meal I have ever had. the bottle of red wine was the best ever and the food was even better then the night before, and as a special birthday treat to myself I even finished my meal of with a cheese board, this somehow makes me feel very grown up. We paid the bill and made our way down to the pantheon, at night the square is beautiful, surrounded by restaurants and street performers just sitting there taking it all in, is just so romantic, so while we was taking it all in we decided to do so with another gelato! when in Rome right? After about an hour it was time to head back to our hotel, our last evening in Rome was defiantly a special one.


Home time.
The day you fly home isn’t the nicest, its that constant reminder in your head all day long no matter what you do, but you do have to make the most of it.
After packing up and checking out we decided to head back down to the colosseum for breakfast, it was also a shame we didn’t get to go inside the colosseum either but even the fast track lines were a 3 hour wait and we just couldn’t do it. After breakfast we decided to go on another long walk, back to some shops, (More gelato) and then for a light lunch before going back to the hotel to collect our luggage, we shared a pizza and a salad and then made our way back to the hotel, to start the dreading journey back to reality.

Tips for traveling to Rome.
• Its expensive, People had told me before how pricey it was and now I believe them, we didn’t once get a bill under 26 Euros and that was just for 2 alcoholic drinks, so be prepared to spend.
• There are a lot of people trying to sell things to tourist on the streets, Portable chargers, selfie sticks, roses, jewellery even water! you name it they want to sell it to you and they don’t just ask, they try to put it in your hand because once you take it from them, they wont take it back and they will want you to pay up! So as long as you just say no and just walk right past them then you are absolutely fine.
• Please bring comfy shoes! I cant stress this enough, I brought sandals and flip flops and I regretted it, mostly all the streets are coble streets and walking around all day on uneven surfaces takes its toll on your feet! You’ve been warned
• Get lost in Rome and all its beauty! Rome really is the most beautiful city I have visited, from the sites to the food its breath taking, but walk around and really see what the city has to offer sometimes you will stumble upon something you never even knew was there or didn’t see on the map, you will find little restaurant’s and gelato parlours and that’s normally where you will find that its the best.

So that was my magical birthday in Rome, my feet might of been sore and my jeans a little tighter but it was worth every step and every mouthful.

Until next time..

Katharine Anne



I just love events, I love getting together with likeminded people and getting to know them, not a word of a lie since I ventured into the blogging world I have met a bunch of really lovely, beautiful and likeminded women, and everytime I get to see them face to face or even just talking through a Instagram direct message it makes me feel so happy and thankful to myself that I finally took the plunge into the whole blogging experience, because if I didn’t I would have never of met them, and even though we only speak through social media I feel like I have known them for ages, which is why I was super excited for the event I went to last Tuesday in London for a Glossybox and Caudalie event at their boutique store in Covent Garden, I was so looking forward to seeing the friendly faces of my fellow bloggers but also because I just love the atmosphere that these events bring, there is just something about them that just makes me feel so happy.

I arrived at the event just before 6pm and the whole store was so beautifuly set up, with light and dark pink ballons floating around the cealing and all the Caudalie products set up so beautifuly, and I just need to mention how amazing the store smelt, it was just like walking into a treatment room at a spa, such a relaxing and welcoming environment, there were canapés set out and we were offered a glass of wine or sparkling grape water, I of course went for the wine!!, I had travelled through London on the tube from work and I needed it!

Me and my fellow blogger friend Heather were the frist two to arrive so we was put down on the list first for our facials and can I just say I was a bit hesitant about having mine done just for the pure fact that I had a full face of make up on and it would have to all come off in order for me to have this facial done, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity, we were taken down stairs almost straight away into a small room and introduced to two women that work in the spa area of the store, they were absolutely lovely, they straight away got to removing our make up (Sob) and stated asking about our skin type what products we use at this moment in time.

A few products applied later and we were done and straight away I was so happy I had it done my face felt so refreshed and so soft, epically after traveling on the tube through central London, although I still had my eye make up on and a little bit of foundation still around my eye so I was rocking a panda look for the rest of the evening, but It was so worth it.

After our facials we went back upstairs to join the rest of the party and the store had gotten a lot busier in the space of 15 minutes, So it was time to start checking out the products, I had been given a booklet downstairs of all the products used on me during my facial and the products that I was recommended to use, so it was time to start exploring, the verity of the products are unreal there seems to be something for every skin type and every age, I ended up getting one of the travel bags full of travel size products such as the Micellar water, Detox mask, Beauty elixir, Eye cream and Moisturizing sorbet and I also got my hands on the Limited edition grape water that has been a absolute lifesaver in this heatwave we are experiencing at the moment, me and a lot of the girls at the party purchased the same products just purely based on the fact we are all off on holidays soon and I think its nice to get to try the products out yourself for a while before investing in the full sizes.

by the end of the night we were well feed well watered and had our hands on some lovely new products, Glossy box  always have their way of surprising you at the end of their events, after purchasing our products we were all given  a huge Caudalie tote bag with a few mini samples and a adorable biscuiteers biscuit decorated like a Beauty elixir bottle and of course a new glossy box notebook and pencil. Once 8pm had come it was time to say our goodbyes but before leaving we all made plans to meet one day lunch and some of us are even meeting for future blogging events.

I am so happy I was lucky enough to be able to attend this event with Caudalie and Glossy box and all the other events I have attended in the past and for the amazing people I have met along the way.

So after a beauty elixir biscuit later and a lot of at home pampering its safe to say Caudalie are starting to win my heart.


until next time.












May Favorites | Tanya burr cosmetics | L’Oréal | NYX


May just flew by, I mean one minute I’m eating mince pies surrounded by paper hats the next I’m rummaging through my draws to find last years summer clothes for a unsuspected May heatwave. But so far so good, this first six months of the year may have flown by but I have certainty enjoined it from holidays to events and even getting my blog up and running so on that topic here is my first ever favourites blog post for the lovely month of May..


Tanya burr cosmetics.

Firstly I would just like to take a moment to express my complete appreciation for these beautiful eyeshadow pallets by Tanya Burr, I know they was only released a few weeks ago, but I am completely and utterly in love not only are the colours absolutely beautiful the pigmentation in these bad boys are unreal, they are super easy to blend and the whole summer/tropical vibe coming off them just makes me want to do my make up with one hand while holding a pina colda in the other. I managed to get my hands on both of TB’s eyeshadow pallets and they are both very different and I do use both for different sorts of occasions.

My Paradise eye palette.

This pallet I would say is my favourite out of the two, the packaging is just beautiful its rose gold! ( so no surprise there that its my favourite) and its got little holographic pineapples printed on the packaging, when you open up the little rose gold beauty its got a pretty little heart mirror on the top of the box and then bellow are the shadows. There are four little beautifully designed shadows each with a very tropical name the first three shadows are Champagne cocktail, Tranquillity & Miami sunrise these are just beautiful colours they are quite coppery colours but I am loving copper shadows at the moment and these are by far the most pigmented and beautiful I have come across. the last colour in this pallet is hammock its the darkest colour in the pallet but its another beautiful colour its what I would describe as a very dark nude and Its perfect just to use on your lash line or I tend to use Hammock and Tranquillity together on my lid and it makes the most gorgeous colour. And if it couldn’t get any better there are pineapples imprinted on to the shadows! and even though mine have very much started to fade away with all that brush work it was lovely while it lasted.


My Escape eye palette.  

This palette is perfect if you are looking for that perfect Smokey eye, that’s why this palette has become my all new favourite “out out” palette, the packaging is the same as the my paradise packaging except this ones more of a Khaki green and instead of pineapples its got big holographic leafs on the outside packaging and on the shadows themselves. The first two shadows are New perspective & Wild jungle, new perspective is the lightest colour in the palette its a very pale nude colour with hints of glitter its the perfect base colour or I tend to use it under my brows for a glimmer highlight, Wild jungle is a beautiful glittery Khaki colour its actually one of the prettiest Khaki shades I’ve ever used.

The last two colours in the palette are Tree tops & Master plan, these last two colours are matte Tree tops, is the lightest khaki colour in the palette its beautiful on its own or sometimes I blend it with wild jungle, and lastly is the darkest colour in the palette master plan, and this colour really gives a finish to the Smokey eye look I just use mine to lightly blend on my outer eye.

This palette defiantly made it into my may favourites not only because these palettes are the most beautiful creations I’ve seen in a while but because they are a high street cosmetic that are highly pigmented and they last all day long, they are easy to blend and I don’t really think you can ask for much else in a eyeshadow palette so thank you Tanya for these amazing products!.




L’Oréal Micellar water. 

This Micellar water was a new discovery for me just on the off chance I was wondering around superdrug, and it happened to be on offer, so because I’ve been so in love with some of the L’Oréal pairs products recently I decided to give it go and I was not disappointed in the slightest, I’ve used a few micellar waters in the past but this one defiantly makes the cut, it makes my skin feel so fresh after taking off all my make up and especially living somewhere like London you definitely want your skin to feel fresh and clean after a long day in the city, and one of my favourite things about this product is that I feel like I don’t need heaps and heaps of it to remove all my make up, I just pour some on to two cotton pads pressed together and let the product absorb in to the both of them, give it a little squeeze and I’m ready to start wiping, I even went into Superdrug last week and picked up another bottle while it was still on offer, I don’t think I’m going to be without the product for quite some time.


L’Oréal Pure Clay Detox Mask & Pure Clay Purity Wash.

The L’Oréal pure clay mask has been my lifesaver over the last few months, so I have owned this product for a while now but it needs to make it into my May favourites not only because it has helped my oily skin so much but because I have noticed such a difference in the condition of my skin since using this, I work 5 days a week in quite a hectic environment and by the end of my working day my skin tends to be a bit blotchy and my make up is prepared to disappear off my face with a swipe of a finger, but since I’ve started using these two products there has been a big change in my skins condition, normally when I’ve brought products in the past that promise to mattify my skin, it does work for that day and then slowly and slowly nothing, but not with these I’ve even been told in past few weeks how good my skin looks and to me that’s a big win.

The pure clay mask comes in a small green pot and you just apply it on a clean face avoiding the eyes and your lips and wait for the drying process to begin, I normally apply mine while laying in the bath and then when the 15 minutes is up I just wipe it off with a warm damp cloth, it does dry quite stiff, so when I first used it I was a bit concerned if it was only going to take a damp cloth to get it of, but as soon as water hits it, it just comes straight off, and straight away when I rub my hand over my face it feels so smooth and feels like I have perfect skin.

And as for the Pure clay purity wash, I use this product twice a day as instructed I jut squeeze a 50 pence blob on the palm of my hand and work it into my face again avoiding the eyes and lips, and I just keep rubbing it in circular motions, I don’t tend to leave this product on for more than a minute and then again I just wash it of with a warm damp cloth and my skin feels like a baby’s bum! I’ve been using this product since the middle of may and I cant fault it, and using it twice a day and I’ve still got quite a decent amount left, this is yet again another L’Oréal product I’m not letting disappear from my bathroom shelf!


Moschino Fresh Couture Eau De Toilette

Before I first bought this product I was a tad bit sceptical, carrying around a perfume bottle in my bag that is often mistaken for a bottle of compressed window cleaner, so when I was on my way home form my holiday in Portugal I popped into their duty free, and it happened to be on offer, I had only ever smelt the pink version before and I wasn’t too fond of it, it wasn’t a scent I tend to wear it was just a tad bit too sweet, but when I came across the blue bottle I gave in and gave it a spray, and I was instantly in love with the scent, its so fresh and vibrant, it just gives you that clean summers morning vibe, I only managed to get the 30ml bottle because that all they had left but I think I only paid about 35 euros for it, and its a month later and I’m running low! I just can’t leave the house without giving myself a sprits. So if you happen to be on a hunt for a new Summer perfume I would defiantly recommend popping into your local perfume shop and giving it a try!.



NYX Shine killer primer.

As I’m sure anyone reading this post knows about my oily skin and I’m pretty sure the lady at my local NYX counter knows this by now, so I was recommended this primer and lets be fair it says what it does in the name, I have used so many primers in the past for oily skin or to mattify skin and they have been ok, I mean they have helped a bit but nothing like this, of course I have been using my other products daily to help me battle with the oiliness that is my face but I really feel this defiantly gives it that extra push. As soon as I apply it to my skin, it has quite a thick texture and the product itself is translucent, and as soon as I rub it into my skin it really feels like its formed another layer on top of my skin, and applying my foundation on top of this primer is just a dream, the primer itself seems to dry almost instantly, I’ve found myself in the past hand fanning my face after applying primers to get them to dry before applying my foundation.

So this is 100% my favourite primer to use and unless it leads my skin astray it will continue to be, I’m a big believer in never changing anything that you know works for you, so thank you NYX for your life changing Primer!.





L’Oréal Hydra Genius Aloe Water.

Oh just when you thought I was finished expressing my love for L’Oréal’s new range of skin care products, well uhuh, I’m going to be honest normally I can be a bit funny with most moisturizers some of them I find just don’t work and some can make my skin greasy and it just doesn’t do me any favours, but then I was introduced to this miracle, I picked it up in boots when it was first released on offer because I was recommended by a friend who also has a similar skin type to me, and I trust her judgement, so that night I took all my make up off and began to apply the serum, its got quite a gel like texture and it smells great! and the packaging is lovely it comes in a tall slender pump bottle, so after pumping a few drops into the palm of my hand I worked it into my face in circular motions and my face instantly feels awake and fresh, I especially like using it in the morning because it really wakes my skin up and feels so nice under my eyes, I instantly feel like my skin feels brighter and that makes me feel brighter first thing in the morning, it does say on the packaging that you should use the product in the morning and in the evening so I use It in the morning after washing my face and in the evening after I have remove my make up, and although I haven’t had this product for too long and it might be a bit soon for it to be making it into a May favourites post, I just couldn’t help it, I’ve seen so many people praising is and quite a few asking for recommendations about it, I just had to get my view on this product out there, and like I said earlier how a lot of moisturizing products can leave my skin feeling greasy and not particularly doing my oily skin any favours this product is certainly not one of them, I feel like it dry’s instantly and just leaves me feeling fresh, awake and hydrated, so if you are one of the people considering buying this product I would 100% recommenced it. I’m so overly in love with L’Oréal’s products at the moment and this defiantly makes it into my top 5.


So there you have my May favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and thank you so much for doing so, if you have tried out any of these products I would love to hear about what you think of them, or let me know what your May favourites are send me a link to your post, until next time..




Giving my hair the chop.

For a long time now I have been nothing less than a extension addict, and you can’t blame me, I have worked in a hair extension industry for the last 6 years, seeing women with long gorgeous locks day in day out certainty gives you strong hair envy. So five years ago I wanted to be one of those women with the long flowing gorgeous locks, so I decided to have it done for myself.
Even more to the fact because when I was 16 and had my first ever job as a junior in a salon I thought it was a good idea to have all my own long hair cut off into a extremely short graduated bob ( big mistake!) I hated it more then you’ll ever know, and I’m not making any exaggeration when I say it really never grew back properly it never ever made it past my collar bone and I’ve never forgiven myself.
So as I was saying, five years ago when I first had my full head of extensions done saying I was over the moon was an understatement, it was everything I had envied and wished for ever since the horrid day I cut all my own hair off, I remember going home and spending hours and hours in the mirror trying out styles I hadn’t been able to do in so long and this is where I got hooked.
And a good 5 years later I was still having hair extensions applied, and please don’t get me wrong this post isn’t a bashing of hair extensions I think they are amazing for all different types of reasons, they can give you back confidence if you decided to have a drastic hair cut and regret it just the way I did, I’ve worked in a company for 6 years who’s soul purpose is to make women confident and happy with there hair for all many types of reasons, and I do think they are amazing, but the story for myself is a bit different, this is because one day I decided I wanted to have a few highlights put into my mousy brown hair, summer was just around the corner and I wanted to spice it up a bit, so that is just what I did, and it looked beautiful, I was constantly getting compliments on my hair on how it looked so nice just that tad bit lighter, now I don’t know if anyone else reading this knows what I’m taking about here but if you are someone that’s ever gone blonde gradually you’ll know that once you start going blonde you get addicted, every time I had a few extra highlights in my hair I wanted more I wanted to be as blonde as you could make me, and this is how I started the journey of seriously damaging my hair.
After about a year of going blonde gradually the day finaly came when I decided I wanted to go ashy blonde I wanted to be as ashy as you could make me, and of course without thinking twice about the consicounses I had a full head of bleach highlights and bleach inbewteen those highlights, and after all that colour work and a toner later I was completely ash blonde, and this was where my hair started getting bad.
We all know bleaching our hair isn’t good for us at the end of the day its bleach its going to dry your hair out and leave it feeling like bubble gum if not looked after properly, and I knew this, I just wasn’t doing what needed to be done to maintain lovely ashy blonde heathly hair, and don’t ask me why I’m a hairdresser for crying out loud I should of been setting an example of good hair, but I wasn’t.
This my friends is what really messes your hair up, I would even go as far as saying that its worse for your hair then  the bleach, using strightnes and curlers every single day is a no go, its so damaging especially if you are not using any heat protector its a serious no go.
I was straightening my hair almost every day I was obsessed with having dead straight hair, so every morning before work I wasn’t leaving without my poker straight hair, and this it what really damaged my poor hair, not only had I sent it through hell and back with the constant bleaching prosses but I was also constantly using 200 degrees of heat on it everyday and sometimes even twice.
So about a year later I decided to have my long blonde extensions out, and it wasn’t until that day that I sat there looking in the mirror as I had my removal that I realised how bad my own hair was, it was dry and brittle and I hated it I couldn’t belive it, it was so short and felt like it hadn’t grown at all in the past few months that I had my extensions in, and of course this was because everytime I probably put heat on my ends they would just snap off.
So I made a drastic dession I was so devastated that I was ruining my hair I had to do something, I thought if I went dark again I could save my hair, see at the time I was convinced it was the bleach that was running my hair, I hadn’t even taking the heat damage into consideration at this point.
So about a week later I went dark and had new hair extensions put in , and oh my was I dark, going from being bleached blonde to a dark chocolate brown is defiantly something that takes getting used to.
So after about a month I was still really dark,normally if you dye your hair a dark colour youll know that as time goes on it gets lighter and lighter, well mine didn’t seem to be, probably because I put such a dark colour on such blonde hair, and I hated it I sort of  resembled the girl from the ring.
So what did I do? I went red that’s right, as if I hadn’t put my hair through enough I started putting wash in wash out red on my hair once every week and a half, smart I know.
A month after that it was time to have my extentions out, I was planning on having all new ones, until once again I was sat infront of the mirror coming to the realisation all over again that my hair underneath my extensions was awful, it was still dry, it was still damaged and to be honest it looked worse then when it did when I was blonde, and all I wanted to do was cry, I knew I had to do something and I had to do itnow before I completely reunited my hair for good.
I decided not to put my extensions back in for the time being just purely because I wanted to keep trimming my hair, as much as I hated having short hair I knew I had to do it, after all my hair would of probably been long if it wasn’t for all the bleach and straightening, but I done it I kept it in a bun for almost about 4 weeks and done treatments regularly, as much as I hated it I knew I had to do it, even on the weekends when I was going out for meals with my boyfriend or for drinks with friends, no fancy hairstyles just plan and simple messy bun.
Just 2 weeks before I was about to go on holiday I was talking to my mum while she was drying her hair and quarter of the way through drying she stopped to put some mousse on and started scrunching her hair and then started to tell me that she used to wear her hair like that in the 80’s and It was just easy when she had the day off work, and that’s when I thought it wouldn’t be a bad holiday look, get a few of the right products and I would have the perfect beach wave, I was just hoping it would still look good after the haircut I had planed, I wanted to have a haircut just before my holiday and even though I hadn’t used heat on it for quite a while a good 3 inches of it was still very damaged fter cutting that much off that would of left my hair just a fraction bellow my chin, but it would have to be done.
Untill a few days later I was on the bus on the way to work and while scrolling through Instagram I came across a picure of Tanya Burrs new hairstyle, I’m already a major fan of Tanya’s and I fell instantly in love with the style and It just happened to be just about the same sort of length I was looking to have, except I was going to need a few extensions around the side of my face to create a graduated look, I didn’t want my short hair cut to be just one length all the way around I wanted it to have a bit of edge, so I thought ill have cut off what needs to be cut and have it short all the way around except for the few extensions at the front and I would have a stylish graduated Lob.
So when the day finally came I had my hair extnsions put in and had my hair cut into the style I had explained, and I cannot begin to tell you how much I’m in love with my new look, its everything I imagined and more, for someone that’s had hair extensions for so much length for so long I hated short hair on myself I truly depised it, but now I a in love with it, I’m nearly at the end of my week holiday in Portugal and the whole time ive had complete hair envy and for once with myself and I am so happy I done it.
I am now on the road to hair recovery and am taking all the steps needed to get my hair back into great condtion and these are a few small steps ive done to get myself there.
1.  Weekly treatments: I do a hair treatment at least once a week and make sure I brush It through and I always leave my treatments on for at least 20 minutes, to really make sure my hair is sucking in all the goodness. I was using the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Brazilian oil pulp treatment that I actually got in one of my glossy boxes and it lasted me for about 3 weeks and I thought it was wonderful but another treatment that seems to be doing wonders for my hair is the aussie 3 minute miracle mask, you can get a sachet from superdrug for 99p and the really make my hair feel wonderful and soft after and for 99p you cant go wrong.
2. Heat protection: I haven’t used heat on my hair in a good few months now and I mean nothing except a hairdryer, but now even when drying my hair and especially being on holiday I use heat protection all the time there are two products that I find amazing are the Kerastase nectar thermique which is super nourishing and leaves your hair feeling and smelling amazing after and also protecting your hair, you put a 20p size amount on your hand and work It through your mid lengths and ends and it really leaves your hair feeling lovely, the second product is something ive only recently discovered on the off chance and that’s Style freedoms heat protector spray it protects up to 220 degrees of heat and not only does it smell amazing it leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny for hours after, its been perfect using it by pool or just when out and about in heat. I would defiantly recommend this one.                                             
Ive decided not to colour my hair for a while now, as it stands my hair has now eventually faded out a bit into a nice light brown on the ends, I did have a few lighter pieces of extensions around the front just to break it up a bit but Its defiantly getting lighter naturally, 2 inches of my roots are my natural colour the only unfortunate thing is that right in the middle I have quite a dark band of colour around my head, and that’s just purely colour build up so the more I colour it the longer it will take to go away, I just have to get on with it.
So that was my hair journey, and I think my hair can also speak for me when saying I am finally content with my hairstyle and I’m finally happy having it short and even though the journey will be a long one to getting my hair back to the way it once was, you have to start somewhere and I’m proud of myself that I finally took a leap I never thought I would take.